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Is 32 weeks too early to pack a hospital bag??

I have been reading that they recommend packing one after the second trimester, which seems super early to me.  I will be 32 weeks tomorrow, and was wondering if anyone else had started packing.  I looked up some checklists online that list basically the same things, so i wrote it all down and am ready to pack.  I even have travel sized shampoos and such.  Anywho, just curious!  TIA!

Re: Is 32 weeks too early to pack a hospital bag??

  • IMO, yes, 32 weeks is way too early to pack.  But I packed after my water broke with DS and I will pack after my water breaks or the night before my c-section, whichever comes first, with this baby as well.
  • I think you should pack the bag whenever you feel. Some people like to get it out of the way early others pack right before they leave for the hospital. I made a list but have not started to pack yet. I am thinking in the next week or two.
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  • I'm going to pack in july sometime. I hope to have everything packed and ready to go by 37 weeks. :)
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  • I think so. Honestly, I don't really see myself packing one until the time comes. Rarely do you have to rush right to the hospital, there's usually time to pack. I might make a list ahead of time just so I don't forget something if I am in a rush.
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  • Sounds like you're all ready to go as it is!
    If you have a bag sitting around, you might as well throw your stuff in there unless you'll need it in the meantime.

    I haven't packed a thing or looked at a list, but I'm super close to my hospital and I do everything last minute as it is...

    I think it's just a matter of personal preference.

  • la79alla79al
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    I have this wierd feeling that this baby is going to end up coming at least a little early so I will probably be packed by 32 weeks.  DD (my first) was 3 days early with 4 hours total L & D and needless to say, I was a little unprepared.   
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  • I put most of my important stuff in a bag last week, but I was just bored and had nothing better to do.  It's nothing that can't be done in about 5 minutes so I don't think it's a big deal to have it done by a certain time.

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    If you have everything and are ready, go ahead and pack it! I'm waiting until 37 weeks, but put a list together incase I have a miraculously fast labor and do not have time to pack before leaving for the hospital. My list is sitting on my empty travel bag in the baby's room. Smile
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  • It's not a bad idea.  Mine is packed already.  At least get the bag out and as you think of things just throw them in.

    I'm so glad I had my bag packed beforehand with DD.  My water broke and we were so excited/nervous that we would have totally forgotten what to pack at that time.

    I also put a little sticky note on the door to the garage that just said CAMERA so I wouldn't forget that. ;)

  • I packed mine around 30 weeks. I had gone into PTL at 29 weeks and wasn't sure when I would be going back to the hospital. I ended up going back at 32 weeks so I was glad I had packed it. You never know, if you have all the stuff then I say go ahead and pack. It can't hurt anything to pack it early.
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  • I had started gathering things around that I'd want/need like travel sized toiletries etc... around 28 weeks cause I had time & am high risk but didn't do anything official.

    At 31w 6d I ended up in the hospital due to a new & unexpected cardiac issue.  DH was able to grab the bag for me, throw in some clothes for us both and met me at the hospital, since I was with my grandmother an hour away).  Everything ended up being fine but it was nice to have that bag started.

    Since then, the bag (sans a couple of my maternity clothes I'd want) are in the trunk of the car just in case.  

    It's totally up to your comfort level - if you'd stew/worry/think about it and don't need the items then pack earlier.  If you are comfortable waiting, then hold off.



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  • I am going to pack this weekend but I am a planner.  I don't think it's too early.  It's just once less thing you will have to do later.
  • I don't think it's too early and here's why: I packed my bag probably around 34 weeks but I have since re-packed it once already. I've gotten ideas of things to bring/not bring and have made sure it's all ready to go and the items I bring are going to work. I've changed my mind about the clothes I wanted etc.

    Not to mention I'm totally type A and it's just my style!!! Stick out tongue 

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  • I'm just now getting around to packing my bag.  In fact, it's sitting on the coffee table right now and I've been throwing stuff in it all day.  I probably should have started sooner because I can't find my camcorder charger anywhere!!  Hopefully that will show up before LO decides to make an appearance. Stick out tongue
  • Pack it whenever you feel comfortable. I've already packed most of mine. My DD came at 37 weeks and was born 4 hours after my water broke (that includes 2 hours of pushing), so I didn't have much time to pack a bag. This time I'd like to be a bit more prepared.
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  • I definitely don't mean this in a snarky way!!! But seriously, what does "too early" mean? What harm will it do? If you wanna pack it, pack it! :)

    I know a couple PPs mentioned that you're not usually in a huge rush, and there will be time to pack once you go into labor, but the thing is, it may not happen that way. You could go to your regular OB appt and find out that you're already dilated so far they want to admit you (wouldn't that be nice?) or they could find something concerning (hopefully not!) that leads to them admitting you, etc. You never know!!

    So I say pack it when you feel like it, and don't assume you'll be able to do it when the time comes.

    I'm actually going to pack mine this weekend. I have had way too many friends and colleagues having their babies early lately!

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