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My mom brought up to me last nigh that I need to start looking into finding a pediatrician, and that kind of freaked me out a little bit and bringing me into a close reality!

So my question to you ladies is - has any of you started looking into finding one yet?  And if so, how did you get your info on the doc of choice?  I don't have any friends wiht children who live near me so I'm unsure of who to ask or find refrences for.

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  • I'm not stressing about it yet, but we'll want to have someone lined up around the start of the third trimester or so (?). I dunno -- maybe I'm behind, but I figure there's plenty of time for that stuff!  Your OB can probably give you a referrals, and you may want to interview a few before you find the right one.
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    I've barely thought about it, but my OB did say they need a Pediatrician's name by 28 weeks so I need to do this at some point.  I've got some time to start asking around and doing research.


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  • I'm just planning to go to the practice near my OB.  My SIL goes there too.  I'm not stressed out about it.
  • I guess I really don't count on this one because we will be using the same one.

    But, we did find him through a friend and that's how I suggest you start looking. We absolutely love our pediatrician and I am so very glad we found him.

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  • I asked a neighbor who has a 1 year old.  And I emailed a few women I work with who have kids.  I haven't done any research yet, but I have some names now.  I'm going to wait a few more weeks before I start calling them.
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  • when we chose our first ped for the first baby we chose a larger practice close to home. We've been using the same one since and love it! It's easier to get in for an appointment when there's a half dozen docs on staff and as many nurse practioners
  • I haven't started looking yet, but I plan to ask my OB for recommendations at my appointment next week. 

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  • My OB gave me recs at my first appointment. I also asked friends and family for their opinions. I can't just choose any pediatrician thought. I can only choose from the list of pediatricians that my insurance will pay for. My choices are limited.

    Maddie is having fun with her great-grandparents.

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  • We asked our general practitioner for some recs and she gave us some names, including the one she uses for her children. Guess I'll have to get to the interviewing part here eventually!

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    I asked some friends for recs and then actually checked them out on citysearch, yelp, and kudzu.  You'd be surprised at how many people rate their doctors on there!
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  • I work in the biggest, most popular peds office in a 6 county area (it is rural though) and I dont really want to take my kiddo there.  I would rather take the baby to my family dr 30 miles north of where I live than take the baby where I work.

    There are 8 drs in the office, and the ones that arent a**holes are unacceptable for other reasons.  I've come to the conclusion that most of the drs in the practice have specialized in Peds because they cant interact with adults.

    Just my two cents.

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