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Update to 12 wk appt yesterday!

My appt went wonderfully! Since my H is gone for a couple of weeks, my MIL and SIL came with me. They were really excited. We saw the baby and he/she was very active! S/he was jumping around and would wave. I finally heard the heartbeat! BEAUTIFUL!! 155 bpm. I was so excited. I couldn't stop smiling. I texted my H all the news and tried to send him a pic of the baby, but I don't think it worked. So I told him to go on fb cause I uploaded the pics and tagged him. lol. When he got to text me back (after midnight) I could tell he was excited. I'm more emotional now I think because the night before the appt I started to cry since he wouldn't be there. And last night, after a great appt, I cried because he wasn't there to hear the heartbeat and see the baby move around. I uploaded one of the u/s pics. It kinda looks like S/he is sucking their thumb! Cute!


Re: Update to 12 wk appt yesterday!

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