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Okay, so I'm finding it more and more difficult to hide the gray hair. My hair is black so every little gray sticks out like a sore thumb. I colored my hair just after I got into the 2nd trimester (colored it at home). It's been two weeks and I'm a;lready having grays pop up again. I realize that at 39 years old this is inevitable (going gray), but is there anything else I can do to minimize their appearance?

I'm wondering if maybe I should color my hair a lighter brown (it's natually black) so they'll blend in more and maybe get some lighter highlights put in so they're not as noticeable between colorings? I just feel like the grays are giving away my age. I don't have wrinkles, my skin is pretty clear and aside from the stray hairs around my chin and upper lip I still could pass for early 30s.

I know this is vain and ridiculous but I can't help it...any suggestions on going a more brown shade or some other way to deal?

Re: recommendations on hair

  • Possibly get some lighter highlights, but I'm not sure how that would work with black hair. It's probably not much better than an all over color. I don't color my hair because it's the perfect in between blonde and brown color to hide the whites and grays.
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  • I saw try a ligher shade!!  Worse thing that can happen is you don' t like it and it takes a couple of weeks to fade/grow out!  I am really not fanatical about my hair, I am willing to try things my stylist suggests but I know some people resist big changes.  Also, maybe if you get it professionally done, it will mask the gray a bit more.  I have been noticing a few more grays popping up lately, it has been since Oct since I had a cut or color!  But luckily I am blond so it is easy to hide.
  • My suggestion is to just go and have it professionally done; your real color.  I've tried the highlighting, the lightening and the do it yourself ways...all bring me back to the professional.  I get it done every 4 weeks.  If I have to go longer I use the temporary root color in the white box with the blue wand.  I can usually get another week or two with that.  I really hate spending $$ on my hair, but I'm never happy any other way unless I do.  It's the one thing I don't skimp on.  I don't think you are vain at all.  I remember seeing a girl at the store with her newborn at 5weeks old and she had a bad skunk patch starring right at me.  I didn't judge her at all, but I always remember that when my greys start popping out.  I'm horrified of that look.  Your hairdresser will take care of you all the way up and through your delivery date and least mine has thus far.  Good luck.

  • I have dark hair too, but have been holding out on coloring until the end of first tri (2 more weeks!).   Probably not the solution you're looking for, but I find myself sporting a headband a lot these days!  Big Smile
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  • thanks everyone! I feel better :)
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