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Stomach Changes

Repeat Mom's already know all this.  Big Smile

After the movement post yesterday, I was laying there last night just checking out my stomach.  It's changed so much.  It's harder and round.  I think it's crazy how it's round from side to side.  I knew all this was going to happen, but like most, don't have a clue what really to expect.  I made my hubby come in the bedroom and feel it too.  We were both just in aw.  When he was pushing, you can totally feel it in a different way.  Like it's being pushed back further.  I know it's early, but I swear I feel moving around. 

I can't wait till I truly feel it, so I'll know if I'm not just hoping that's what it is.  I'm not looking foward to getting big, but I can't wait to feel that connection.  I really started feeling it last night for the first time.  Pretty cool stuff.

Anyone else??


Re: Stomach Changes

  • I havent noticed any movement yet, but i have noticed how my belly is changing!
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  • it's the coolest thing.

    Wait until the baby grows more and in the 3rd trimester you'll see the baby as it rolls around. You'll be abloe to see an actual foot or an elbow or knee poking from your belly and feel and watch as it moves inside your stomach from side to side. That's the best! I always loved sitting there picking out what body part was poking out!

  • My stomach is hard, but not round yet.  I do have the dreaded "linea nigra"!!  I thought it was too early but it's faint and it's there!! 
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