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December baby boom

Since we have come out of the closet last week, 2 of my friends have come back with the news that they are also due in December or the first week in January. It is so exciting to be able to share this experience with some of my friends.

Have you told anyone you were expecting only to find out that they are as well?

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Re: December baby boom

  • that's so cool! It's nice ot be able to share the expereince!

    Unfortunately no one I know is pregnant expect two ladies where I work, but today's my last dya working so it won't matter :(

  • One of my good friends is due Dec 10, I'm due Dec 5th. We're delivering in the same hospital so we joke that I'll hold the baby for a few days and hers should come a few days early so we can be delivering at the same time :) Ahh if that would only happen!

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    Yes, we know of 6 other people that are also expecting in December. It is so crazy!! It will be fun to share the experience with people we know!

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  • My boss at work and one of my sorority sisters, whom I am very close with!  It's so great so have people so close! 

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  • I think at last count I knew 8 people expecting between today (literally) and the day I am due!  We all keep joking that Sept and Oct should be busy in the delivery rooms around here because we had a rough winter so we expect some blizzard babies!
  • Yup, I know 4 other people who have since come out.  All due in December.  Most are my mom's friend's kids, but we all know each other.
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  • Only one other Dec so far, but I'm sure there are more!
  • I told one of my friends i was due in dec and she is due in Feb.
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  • One of my former students is due in late December--now THAT makes me feel old!
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  • I work with 5 other pregnant ladies. All of us are due between September and January.
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  • Yep :) I'm due Dec 9th, one of our friends is due the 15th and another is due the 25th! 
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  • I told a co-worker that I'm prego and she said me too!  We are both due in Dec.  I also had a friend that posted on FB that she was prego and we had the same due date, she misscarried last month.  I still haven't posted the news on FB, I don't I will either. 
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  • I haven't come out yet, but I have seen a couple of acquaintances announce their pregnancies on FB.  I think they're probably due in November/December.   And I just found out my friend's brother and his wife are expecting, due at the end of January.

    I really wish some of my close friends were pregnant too!  I would love to have someone IRL to share the experience with.  One of my close friends and I had plans to try around the same time... but oops, DH and I got a six month head start on them =P 

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  • No one is really that close to my due date at this point. But I know quite a few people who will be having babies before that.

    One friend just had a baby yesterday!

    Another is due in July, another due in August.

    And finally one due in late November, I think about 2 weeks before me.


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  • I had one friend who was due the week before me, but she miscarried at 6 weeks. ;(   All my high school and college friends seem to have already had all of their children in their 20s. I'm just a late bloomer I guess.  Two friends and former colleagues of mine are TTC right now, so I am hoping that they do so our babies play together.  I love this site, because I can talk to people who are experiencing the same thing I am since all my friends have already had their children.
  • I haven't started announcing I'm pregnant yet, but my younger sister is due Oct. 2nd.  I also keep getting the feeling like my SIL might be pregnant, but that's total speculation.  A ton of my friends were pregnant, but they all had their babies between 4-6 months ago.
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  • We have friends that are due two weeks before us and they announced at 6 weeks but we're waiting until my doctor's appointment next week before we announce.
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  • Yes! One of my good friends has been trying for quite a while (and unfortunately had a miscarriage a few months ago) and as soon as I announced I was pregnant she called to say she was too! She's only like 10 days behind me.

    There's also a huge baby boom among the blogs I read, with at least 4 or 5 women due this winter.

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