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Diabetes and Hyperemesis Gravidarum.....advice?!!?

I'm 9 1/2 weeks prego and ever since just before I found out at 7 wks, I've been sick nonstop...nauseous, vomitting, can barely hold food or liquids down, you name it. It's really taking a toll on my blood sugars. They usually end up crashing into between the 30s-50s every morning and sometimes around 4am. I'm scared that because I'm not taking in any nutrients it's affecting my baby. None of the anti nausea meds the docs tried giving me worked... Not only that, I'm epileptic too. I take 6 seizure pills every night and alot of the time, I fear they're gonna come right back up. I can't even take my prenatal vitamins.

Anyone else have the same problems I do? HELP. =$

Re: Diabetes and Hyperemesis Gravidarum.....advice?!!?

  • I don't, but know plenty of ladies who had severe morning sickness like it sounds you have.  Just keep on your doctors to find something that works for you so that you can at least keep your meds down!

    Here's hoping for a happy and healthy 9 months for you!

  • I can't speak to the diabetes, but my sister had severe HG with her first son, lost 25 pounds in 1 month, couldn't keep anything down, had iv fluids at home, was on bedrest for first 6 months, finally had a Zofran pump put in her leg (in addition to the Reglan she was already taking), that seemed to help a little - she still vomited all the time. She really never was able to keep her prenatals down. She delivered a 41 week healthy little boy. GL to you - HG is tough

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  • I had HG with DD 4 years ago and there really unfortunately isn't any one thing that "cured" me.  But, the things I did that helped even a little bit were:

    Sample different fluids, some things set me off more than others.  I couldn't drink plain water.  And what I could drink was different from day to day.  So I kept a ton of every drinkable thing in the world on hand at the house.

    Soft more bland food was my friend.  Since your hypoglycemic more often than not even no sugar added applesauce, yogurts, broths.  Stay away from the acidic, citrus, tomatoes and things of that nature. Just because they hurt more coming back up and tend to upset the tummy more.

    For the prenatal vitamins I took gummy children vitamins, just read the label.  Most of them have the prescribed amount of folic acid.  Stay away from the DHA supplement, the fish flavor is the devil. 

    I couldn't stand the glucose gel for hypoglycemic incidents so I kept different flavors of cake icing in the fridge.  The cool, flavor and consistency worked better for me.  Also sour candies worked better than mints for my purse.

    Good luck.  I know life is kind of sucking right now.  Unfortunately there is a certain amount of trial and error with HG to try to figure out what will make you less miserable.

  • I had severe HG with my second pregnancy and kept nothing down at all for over a month and after that it was just small sips of smoothies or little bites of food. Are you keeping anything down? If not maybe you need to be on home health care with home IVs and a zofran pump. I was on that. They can even do TPN which is nutrition fed through a PICC line. I'm not sure how that effects your blood sugar compared to eating, maybe it wouldn't be a good match with diabetes, but maybe it would help.


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  • Hi there!  I am so sorry to hear that you've been so sick.  I am 18 weeks and have severe HG as well. It started at 6 weeks.  I was in the hospital a few times and finally, on bedrest w/ IV fluids and zofran pump.  I am still on the zofran pump and that was the only thing that's helped me through this.  The zofran pills took the edge off but I was still getting sick.  Before resorting to medication, I did try everything...literally everything!  I know there are people out there that will judge you for taking medication but if you are not eating enough or drinking enough, you are risking the health of your baby. Once you get better, the baby will be better.  Don't worry too much about not taking your vitamins.  You just need to start keeping foods and fluids down.  I couldn't take them for the first couple months too. I really hope things start getting better for you.  I know how miserable things feel and even though I am not diabetic, it was really rough so, I can only imagine what you are feeling.  Good luck!

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