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Ahh! 40 weeks, 5 days and STILL here!!

This is seriously getting old.  I've essentially been in early labor for a week straight now.  On 3 different occasions we were actually starting to get the bags together to head to the hospital when the contractions once again slowed down and stopped.  I've had just about enough of feeling like crap and am so ready to be done being pregnant!  I was 40weeks, 4 days with my first and 41 weeks with my second, so I guess this isn't too surprising, but HONESTLY?!  Don't you think I am totally deserving of an earlier delivery this time around? :)

Only good side to this though is that people have kind of given up on checking in on me since I guess the excitement has blown over.  Although it is a little depressing that I am starting off another week of our usual routine when I thought I would be resting right now from my delivery while DH did this stuff.  Hoping I will go into labor in the next couple of hours so I have an excuse not to clean my bathrooms this afternoon!

Any other overdue ladies that can commiserate with me?

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Re: Ahh! 40 weeks, 5 days and STILL here!!

  • I am only 2 days overdue, but I am starting to get really down.  If I don't go into labor on my own before Thurs. at 6pm, I am scheduled for a c-section.  I was really hoping for a vbac this time, which is making the situation that much more depressing for me.  Also, I am irritated with the scheduled c-section time, 6pm Really?  By the time I get pushed back because I am at the end of the day and they have to accomidate for all of the emergencies, etc, I won't be in room until after midnight.  Overall, it just sucks.
  • I'm 41 1/2 weeks here...  Not only is is physically exhausting, but mentally, too.  Wondering each day "is today IT?"  I'm trying to concentrate on other things... but it's hard when everyone keeps asking what is going on!!  Good luck, hope it happens soon!
  • I am here and starting to get miserable! Two friends of mine who were due after me have had their babies this weekend and it's NOT FAIR (stomps feet)!!!

    Not to mention the lovely cold sore I woke up with yesterday morning. I think this is the real reason I am so grumpy! It is SO ugly and it hurts like heck!

    Well, we will all have our babies soon enough, I guess ;) 

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  • I'm with ya, ladies.  The only good part about this is that I've made my MIL eat her words about half a dozen times now.  She'll call to check up on me, and for a week now she's been convinced that "today's the day!".
  • Yesterday when I woke up I was thinking that I physically can't go anymore like this.  My back hurt so bad, I dreaded getting up just to walk to the bathroom; but I still organized my closet, cleaned the kitchen, did the laundry and cooked dinner.  Today I'm feeling better, but still want this baby out! 
  • Oh.. I SO understand!   I have been having BH since June 2nd and then I got my membranes stripped on Thursday and had contractions on and off for days along with losing the mucus plug.  And I am still sitting here!   I have an induction date for Tuesday night but now we are thinking c/s because I could barely get my daughter out and they are thinking he is bigger.   I just wish he would have come on his own.   Its making us crazy.   I cant wait for this to be over!!!   
  • I am right there with you. I was due on June 9th as well... and seeing it come and go has been so disappointing. The week I was due I was 1cm and "softening." Since then, I have had 2 US and 2 monitoring sessions and been checked 2 more times, and I have not progressed. But much to my chagrin, this baby is estimated to be 9lbs 3oz!!! This is my first child and I am trying to go with Natural Childbirth due to having multiple back surgeries over the last yr and a half. I really can't end up with an epidural. Anyhow, now my OB is figuring, if there is no progress by Thurs, that she will schedule me for induction on Monday of next week. WONDERFUL! I hear that is more painful than anything else. I am just so discouraged! My bags have been packed and in the car for about 2 wks. I have now been out of work for 1 wk and feel like I am wasting my maternity leave for NO reason at all. I know I should be happy and be anticipating meeting this cherub with enthusiasm, but the longer I go, the worse I feel about all of it. Talk about depressing. Sort of makes me feel like a failure. This is my first and I am sure that after this, it will be a long time before I can convince my husband, let alone, myself, to go thru this again.

    Best of luck to you!

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