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Getting Breech baby to move head down?

Hi all, I know its a bit early for this but I already had one breech baby before and she never moved (I didn't find this out until 38 weeks) so I have another one now I just found out and I would really like to attempt a VBAC.  It will be very hard for me to make my "peace" with having another C/S, I had a lot of difficulty with this.  So after looking at spinningbabies.com I am more confused than ever, they mention accupuncture, chiropractic, hypnosis, moxibustion (not even sure what that one is)  Has anyone tried/had success with any of the above?  I am willing to try "almost" anything to avoid another bad experience.

Re: Getting Breech baby to move head down?

  • Im no help. I didnt really have time to try anything. Im just wondering if your LO was head down before 38 weeks or if it flipped around after you were told head down. I was told head down all the way to until 40w3d we did a u/s to check fluids and found out he was breech. Im still convinced he flipped head up around 40w and was in fact down before that
  • I am not exactly sure "when" she turned around, but I asked every week when my apts were that close together because I thought the head was up and I was having trouble breathing. So about a month at least I believe. My dr insisted that was not the head though so it was confirmed by u/s at 38 weeks (A nurse friend of mine said to get u/s mention less movement which was also true).  We only had time to try the version, which did not work and was almost as scary as the c/s!  I switched dr's this time because clearly he was not listening to me at all.
  • Yeah, I begged my dr for a version. He said it would only be a 30% chance of working because I was over 40w and he would do it on the OR table right before the c/s. My water broke at home the morning of the c/s so I wasnt able to have one. Im glad for it now though. DS was frank breech and could have been hurt pretty bad if we attempted it. He said that the way he was positioned he had to have been that way a long time. But he and the 3 mw's at my office all said head down the whole time so I dont know what to think
  • I am having a hard time trusting my new doctor now because of what happened before.  I know another friend who also tried a version-didn't work.  You are not missing out on anything, they still admitted me, gave the IV epidural etc.  because "just in case" if it becomes an emergency.  That is so not reassuring!  I just stayed in the hospital for 10 hours because I was already hooked up to everything.  there were no spots available until 5:00 pm and the version was at 7:30 am but it was technically not an emergency so I had to wait.  I felt like I was on bedrest for one day! 
  • I tried putting ice on his head and warm down at the bottom. It got him moving around a lot.  I also read to try hand stand in a pool. I would say since its early for you, to just do lots of pelvic tilts for the next few weeks and then work up to the other things like moxibustion, webster technique, etc. Good luck.
  • I just posted about this the other day - I'm trying webster technique and moxibustion this coming Tuesday, and will be trying pulsatilla pellets for the next few days...so hopefully I'll be able to tell you something worked, but I won't know which one since I'm doing them all at the same time!

    Ice pack definitely ticks him off, but instead of moving away from it, he headbutts it or stiffarms me - not comfortable.  Clockwise massage (found on spinningbabies) seems to get him moving a bit - he's been transverse most of today instead of head up, so he's moving in the right direction after two days of a lot of massaging.

    My birthing instructor also said to stop doing squats until he turns the right way - they get him settled in where he is.

  • Where do you buy pulsatilla pellets?
  • My childbirth instructor mentioned that babies will often chase a flash light? Like shine it through your belly and the baby will follow it. She also said some people try doing handstands in a pool? and also doing pelvic tilts, sort of like downward dog in yoga? They all seem a little odd to me, but it might be worth a try.

    I hope your LO flips for you soon.

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  • I thought most babies don't go head down until 28-30 weeks or so? I know my doc said not to worry before that when I had asked. Mine flipped between 32 and 33 weeks. At the suggestion of my OB I thought "turning thoughts" and was hand and knees a lot to allow room to move, but due in October, I think nearly all babies would be "breech"?

    Breech babies, if you can believe it, are actually linked to an excessive fear of a breech baby. I know that sounds crazy, but really try to think positively and I bet that baby will turn right on time. I was worried (as I hope for a natural birth with little intervention) and in retrospect, I almost feel like baby turning later than most was my own fault.

    I had planned to use acupuncture and hypnosis (I took hypnobirthing and my instructor had a script) but none of that was needed.

    Good luck!

  • Have you been using the techniques on spinningbabies.com? 

    I have a few friends who have had great success with moxibustion.  I'd say it's definitely worth checking into.  GL!  From one VBAC hopeful to another. :)

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  • i've been seeing a chiropractor for my posterior facing baby.  after the first visit the baby started moving and rotating around.  before it (we are team green) was posterior and not rotating, but vertex.  i had never been to a chiropractor before and am sooo glad i'm going.

    i have a friend who had a breech baby and after the 1st or 2nd chiropractor visit her son turned vertex.  it's pretty amazing.

    just make sure to find a chiropractor w/experience in the Webster Technique.  if they deal w/children and women they probably are trained in this - but call and ask if you can't tell by a website. 

    you may actually want to start going sooner than later.  that way it might avoid the breech from the start.  but if you wait, just try to find out earlier than 38 weeks if the baby's breech.  i started going at 34 weeks (found out about 32 weeks about our posterior position). 

  • Just remember that it's still early (you're due after I am, and my little one still flips and turns all over the place).  My first didn't turn head down until 36 weeks either.  Just try to make sure you keep as much space available for baby to turn.  Yoga, hands and knees positions, etc. are all great for making sure there's room to turn.  I've heard great things about chiropractic care, but be sure you find someone who has been specifically trained in the "Webster technique," and has lots of experience with prenatal care.  Have you talked with your doctor or midwife?  Most likely the only options an OB will offer are the C/S or a ECV, but I don't know about the use of a ECV with a VBAC.  A midwife might have more options, or at least be able to explain some of the alternative options better.  Something else that might help is just to talk to your baby and visualize them turning.  I'm sure there are people who will laugh at that, but being relaxed and communicating with your baby might help.  That whole mind over matter thing! 
  • My baby was not breech but posterier and I went to a chiropractor to get him turmed around and he was able to successfully do that.

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