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Had my baby! (Wanted to say thanks..)

So last Saturday I posted about cramping and possible contractions. I asked if they were signs of labor and what to do etc. A few ladies answered me and said it sounded like labor. Well, that was around 4pm and I was in SO much pain at times that I couldn't respond that the cramping was 4-5min apart and lasting on average 1min. I jumped in the tub (well, more or less crawled yelping in pain) and told DH to call L&D. They said to come in and get checked. We grabbed the hospital bags which thankfully were already packed and went to the hospital. I was 3cm! Our son was born on 6/6/10 at 12:17pm -- 20hours after contractions began :-)

I'd like to thank the ladies who responded and apologize for not answering back to questions -- everytime I'd start a contraction would begin and I'd have to walk away. After about the 4th time I gave up! LOL.

Re: Had my baby! (Wanted to say thanks..)

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