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I'm freaked out (LO's sickness)

DS has been feeling sick for about a week. It started out with just a runny nose, sleepiness and a low fever. Then it turned into a higher fever at night (102 degrees) for the last 3 nights. Then his cough started to get bad and wheezy. I have been trying to give him saline, let him sleep, warm baths, all of the things they ushually tell you to do at the pedis when you take in a sick baby. I even tried some benadryl thinking that maybe it was allergies. I told myself that if it wasn't better by today that I would take him in. So I scheduled an appointment today at 1:30. 

When I got off the phone I went to change DS's dirty diaper. There was a pretty significant amount of blood. There was more than the little bits you see in breastfeeding babies and babies who are taking vitamins. In addition to the red, there were also lots of black spots that looked like they could be dried/old blood. I'm taking the diaper into the pedis office. 

Has anyone experienced a cold like this with their LO? I'm pretty freaked out about it! I feel so bad for the little guy. =( 

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