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38 weeks & 3 days....no more progress...bummer

Had my 38 week appt today and was really hoping for some progress from last week......but there was no change..BUMMER! I am 1 cm dialated, thick and baby is still kinda high. DARN IT! If no change next week at my appt i will go in on Monday night June 21 and get meds to soften my cervix and then start induction on Tuesday morning the 22nd. I know there is still time for things to happen....could i still go into labor on my own? What are things you can do to soften your cervix?....... im trying to be optimistic and hopeful that this will be a shorter labor. Doctor said it would be! With my 1st i was in labor for 36 hours...pushing time was great only 32 minutes and she was born. SO MY FIGERS ARE CROSSED THAT EVEN IF I DONT HAVE ANY MORE PROGRESS THAT THE INDUCTION WILL GO SMOOTHLY AND MY LABOR WILL BE SHORTER!!!!!!!!!! 

Re: 38 weeks & 3 days....no more progress...bummer

  • You could definitely go into labor on your own.  I was only a little more progressed than you at my appointment last Thursday at 38w4d (2cm and 90% dilated) and my water broke that night.  I was still 2cm when I got to the hospital and 10cm just four hours later.  My daughter was born about 20 hours after that "non-progress" doctor's appointment.  And she is my first so no one expected her to come that quickly. 

    As far as softening the cervix, I think lots of sex helped me!  I also ate a lot of pineapple but I don't think that really did anything.

  • I'm in the same boat.  Only I'm not even dialated yet.  I'm simply "softening". 

    Awesome. My mom tells me I was 2 weeks late.  Great mom.  Thanks.


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  • I'll be 40 wks on Saturday and am only 1/2 cm dialated. So, if it makes you feel better at least you're doing better than me!

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