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crib bumper pads or not?

i have always heard to remove bumper pads from the crib when babies start rolling around because they can be a suffocation hazard. so far i've left them on because i know she'll bump her head into the railings if they aren't there. is there anything else to put up around the railings that won't be a possible suffocation hazard? 

Re: crib bumper pads or not?

  • lots of people use breathable bumpers...I tried it but it didnt work for us. Our regular bumper is still up and will be until he learns to climb out :)

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  • I have a breathable bumper on her crib. I purchased it from Babies R Us.
  • I tried to take DD's out because she would roll over and pull herself up on them and I felt like that was distracting her from sleeping.  I put them right back in the next day because she kept bumping her head on the rails.  I say if you haven't had a problem yet, leave them in.
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  • I still have bumper pads on LO's crib and if he didn't have them, he would hit his head so hard against the railings. He's super active and is constantly moving around in there. I've had them on since the beginning and he even snuggles up against them. I know, scary, but he feels cozy that way and can't fall asleep without them. Since he's already 9 months old, I don't worry about it too much.
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  • no bumpers. we have a breathable bumper, but the way DS sleeps we don't use them. He sleeps on his side literally holding on to the rails. The rails are his lovey!
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