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Pack 'n Play mattress pad/liner?

So DH and I put together the Pack 'n Play yesterday and will be using it as a bassinet for the first few months. We registered for a sheet to cover the pad. But we were wondering, what happens if we have some leakage and the baby pees on it? Is it worth it to get a mattress pad? Does anyone know anything about these?

Just curiuos what we need to make the bassinet functional and still  have it be safe for LO.

Any insight is appreciated.


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Re: Pack 'n Play mattress pad/liner?

  • Hmm. This never occured to me with DD#1...we used it for occassional napping, and never really had a problem. In the event of leakage I'd probably just hand wash and febreeze the heck out of that puppy...
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  • The mattress pad should also be machine washable, and will protect anything that is NOT machine washable from getting soiled.


    I would go ahead and get at least one.  It is not necessary to be functional, but I think it would make things easier.  You can always use the mattress pad(s) later in the crib if you want to.

    In the day care I work in, we don't have mattress pads but are constantly washing the sheets for our pack n plays.  I think a mattress pad would be a nice addition.  We'll probably use one as well.

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