Anyone have a big u/s that turned out wrong?

like they told you that you were having a boy and it turned out to be a girl?  or vice versa?

DD was a surprise but we want to find out with this one.  I am so scared we are going to decorate/buy a bunch for one gender and then it come out the opposite!

Re: Anyone have a big u/s that turned out wrong?

  • Nope, both were spot on!
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  • As long as you get a good look and it's not real early, they're pretty accurate. They were right with DS1 and I've seen SEVERAL views of this baby's crotch as well... LOL It's definitely a boy!
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  • My big U/S was correct.  One of my friend's family members' big U/S was wrong.  It said it was a boy, but the baby turned out to be a girl!
  • My U/S with DS was wrong.  I was told he was a girl so we bought all pink, pink shower, pink room, and only had a girl name.  Completely shocked and stunned when they announced he was a boy.  I couldn't even look at a name book so my DH named him.  It is a great story now and I wouldn't change a thing, but it was a bit difficult in the first few weeks having no clothes.  It took months for me to switch my mind from thinking "she and her" to "him and he".  For what its worth we had the same U/S tech tell us with DD and she was right with that one.  So I guess 50/50 really isn't bad, right? 

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  • Not me, but my best friend--she was told boy at her big u/s at 19 weeks. Like the PP they had a boy name picked, a boy-theme room, etc. They were so looking forward to their little man--and then he was born a she. It was rough for her--a bunch of us chipped in and helped re-decorate the room, exchange clothing, etc. But she went through a mourning when she "lost" that little boy and had a girl instead.

    That being said, I don't think these stories are too common... 

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  • I know two people that happened to.  I think everyone knows someone it has happened to (well at least everyone my
  • When I first had my u/s for my DD I had several people joke with me that a girl could be mistaken for a boy but a boy can't be mistaken for a girl. I wouldn't worry about it too much though. The chances of them making a mistake is slim if they're experienced at reading them.
  • Yep, Ds was a girl until our growth ultrasound 3 days before he was born.

    I maintain that all of the running around returning stuff is what put me in labor. ;)

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