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My SIL is official crazy

So I posted on 1st tri a couple weeks ago that my SIL didn't talk to me for 2 days when she found out I was pregnant.

Well I spoke with my other SIL and she told me that she was LIVID when she found out and she was saying crazy stuff about it.

I'm just like whatever just cuz the spotlight is not on her she needs get over it.

Re: My SIL is official crazy

  • That is sad that she is so upset that she is livid! Why is she so mad?
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  • Are you sure there's not another reason?  That's not normal behavior.
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    why on earth would she be livid?! i say ignore her. crazy B!

    if it makes you feel better my SIL is a nut too - ugh 

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  • What would cause a reaction like that? Is she TTC? (Not saying that is justified behavior if so)


  • Why do you think she is so mad?  Are you two close?
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  • Don't let her get to you! That IS crazy! Indifferent

    Some people...

    It seems like people freak out over weddings and babies! It's sad. That's supposed to be the happiest times of our lives and people have to try to ruin it by acting so weird.

  • Yeah, maybe she has been TTC and just never told you, so that is why she is upset? Or maybe she just thought she would get PG before you? (Sometimes when things don't turn out the way you plan, you react in weird ways!) At least she ended up being honest with you about it in the end. ILs are usually a little nuts though - that's the stigma around the whole deal, right?
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  • Well she as been wiffle/waffling back and forth about getting prego for the last couple months because she wants to have another baby but her youngest is very spoiled (not the child's fault trust me) and she getting older.

    Well just to tell you my husband and I were married within 6 months of her and we have children 2 months apart. So we have never really done anything major seperately this is the first time.

    My pregnancy was not planned I was supposed to get an IUD put in after I came off BC because I kept getting sick. While waiting for my period it never came so baby # 3 is on the way. My husband was pretty against another pregnancy but we are happy this one is on the way.

    So I think it's a mix of Jealousy and Shock that we are on #3 and she is not. Plus she does often do crazy stuff like that. One year during christmas (we normally we take a group picture with all the grands) she couldn't find an outfit for her son and my daughter was dressed and ready to go so we went a head and took the picture everyone kept saying how cute my daughter was but not her she decided to critic the way my daughter was eating her dinner. I stopped talking to her then otherwise I would of hurt her for taking out her spitefulness on my child.

    I try to ignore her because that what you have to do with irrational people but this is overboard.

  • Just tell her it is not a race and nobody in their right mind (especially you) would ever try to outdo her ... it's just what has happened. Life happens. She needs to calm down and relax!
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  • sounds to me that you SIL is a little imature for her age.. hope she grows up and gets over it
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      she decided to critic the way my daughter was eating her dinner. 

    Come on...really?!  Well, at least you know your daughter was dressed all cute and ready to go (yay for preparedness!).


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