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Do you think this would work with a bump?

I was looking on Loft's website and have come across a few cute dresses that I think I want to order. 

I just wanted opinions on whether or not you think they would work with a bump.  I am all belly and carrying kind of high (latest belly pics are in my blog - link in siggie).

I can't PIP so here are links (they open in a new window)

Dress #1 (worried about the waist line - will it get in the way of my belly?)

Dress #2 (will it be to short once a belly is factored in?)



Re: Do you think this would work with a bump?

  • I think option 1 would work better then option 2, based solely on the fabric.
  • I think they're both really cute, but the first one might be best if you don't have MUCH of a belly, and since you're carrying high, I'd stick with the empire waste like the second one just to be safe.
  • FWIW and in my experience it will not depending on how big your bump is. #1 will be too short in the front (if the empire waist even works) and so will #2. Then again your bump isn't too big. Can you try them on before you buy or maybe return them if it doesn't fit?

  • I like both, but like you said, I might be worried about #2 being a bit on the shorter side with a bump.

    I hear that empire waists are great for bumps, and #1 is definitely my favorite here, bumpwise! :)

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  • I think the waist on #1 isn't really Empire.  #2 is cute but may end up being a little too short.

  • image finger_lakes09:
    I think option 1 would work better then option 2, based solely on the fabric.

    I agree!  I love that dress....very puurtty...!

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  • LCB34LCB34
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    image **Octoberbride09**:

    FWIW and in my experience it will not depending on how big your bump is. #1 will be too short in the front (if the empire waist even works) and so will #2. Then again your bump isn't too big. Can you try them on before you buy or maybe return them if it doesn't fit?

    They don't have my size at my store.  I can always return, I am just really bad about sending things back.  Items I purchase on-line that don't fit or I don't like usually sit in my closet for a few months then head to Goodwill with the tags on...

  • they are both really nice

    #1 I think that the waist band is kind of thick and might ripple and bunch up under your bewbies.

    #2 may be ok depending on how tall you are. Like I am almost 5'9" so yeah it would be WAY too short on me to begin with no less with a bump too.

  • I love number one and think it will work fine! I think it looks like the band is right under your boobs and will be ok. Great style!
  • I love dress #1 but the waistline worries me too. I think your ribs might get crushed. As for dress #2, it wouldn't work for me because my tits are too huge to go without a bra but other than that it looks like it could maintain the bump!
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  • Those are both cute. I think the first one would work better. The fabric seems like it would be more stretchy and work better with a bump.
    image image

  • I think #1 could work, but the waistline seems a little low - meaning it might be too baggy on top when it sits on top of your bump.  I think the fabric with #2 will not work at all because there is no ability for it to stretch.  But, it's hard to tell merely from a photo.
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  • I think #1, the waist line is too big to work with a bump.

    I would go with dress #1

  • I do not think #1 will work if you are all belly.

    I've seen your belly pics on here, and you're not big at all.  I think that # is poofy enough on its own that your belly won't poof it out any further...


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  • I actually think both would ultimately be too short ... though they are both cute!

    Motherhood Maternity has really cute dresses for much cheaper. I wore this for both a wedding and bridal shower and got lots of compliments.

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  • skyejoskyejo
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    Cute dresses but I think they both would be too short.  I've ran into that problem a lot lately...
  • I love them both, but I would be a little scared that they will end up short.

    Could you order online and return in the store? That way you don't have to deal with sending anything back.

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  • I would go with #1. I think #2 would end up being too short with a bump.
  • #1 definitely wouldnt work for me.  I'm carrying high and my belly starts pretty much right below my boobs.  I'd be worried about the fabric on #2.  If it were a knit or jersey fabric, it could work.
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  • I think they are both really cute!
  • They are both so cute, but the waist on #1 does worry me...it definitely has the potential to fit awkwardly. #2 would not last long before it got too short. I'd pass on both.
  • Hi! I may be too late here, but I LOVE both dresses - super cute! IMO though, I'd stick with dresses made specifically for pg bumps. When I was pg with DD, I tried one that wasn't and it was really shortend up in the front. Maternity dresses are designed a little longer in the front to compensate for evenness as your bump grows. I was just at Motherhood on Saturday and got a dress for my In-Law's 25th Wedding Anniversary and they had a lot of dresses similar in style to the ones you're looking at.

    HTH! Cute bump, btw! I checked them out on your blog. =)

  • I like both dresses, but I'm afraid they would be too short. Unfortunately, ordering those dresses in a larger size wouldn't work for you because it would change how they fit all the way around.

    On another note, I just saw your doggies on your blog and their photo shoot was adorable!! I was in heaven when I saw all of the doxie friends hanging out. I wish Goose (my dachshund) had a doxie playgroup he could attend.

    My Blizzog!!
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  • IF you dont have a big belly #2 could work cause of the higher waist- but yeah, might be a little short.  I think the waistline in #1 is too low & will make the belly look funny. 
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  • My vote would be with Dress number 1.  I think it would fit the bump a bit better and the material would be more comfortable.  They are both super cute though!
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  • Definitely the first dress - it looks more stretchy and comfy. And it is really cute!!

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