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PSA: check your hospital bill afterwards

This may not apply to everyone - especially depending on insurance.  But when I had DD1 in the hospital, I had to pay everything out of pocket, so I really looked through the bill the hospital sent.

I'm sure they just push a button and a list of standard services get itemized. 

I declined a lot of things - pit, Hep B shot, etc. - and found several items on my bill that should not have been on there.  I was able to remove them save a little bit of money.

Re: PSA: check your hospital bill afterwards

  • oh I would be quite upset about that! Glad you caught it and thanks for the heads up!
  • Thx for the post.  I will!
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  • I didn't have to pay the whole bill out of pocket, but part of it, and found several random things on the bill. Like, a charge for television use even though I never turned the tv on. I probably should have fought paying for food as well since they didn't once take the menu they dropped off for us to choose our meals and so not once was I brought a meal I could actually eat. The nurses were wondering why I didn't eat and I said, because I don't eat what was brought. They said, why didn't you select something different on the menu, I said I did--nobody bothered to pick the menu up. Hospitals are possibly the worst run businesses that overcharge the most and attempt to get away with "overbilling" and do because most people don't pay attention to the itemization.
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