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Questionable trip to L&D - Long

I have gone to L&D for contractions once already.. around 33 weeks I think. It turned out I wasn't really having contractions (well not as many as I thought I was having at least) so this time I wanted to make sure I was going for a reason. I started having contractions 2am on Saturday morning and they continued all day. Around 8pm sat night they started coming regularly and much more intense. I was having 16-20 contractions an hour and was unable to walk or talk through them. I finally called the answering service at my OB's office and the on call doc called me back and told me to go to L&D right away.

Now.. at my drs appt on Friday my dr told me that if my contractions kept up the way they had been that we would go ahead and do the c-section this weekend (I'm scheduled for next thursday). She wasn't on call but said she would tell whoever was to let her know if I went in to the hospital.

I get to L&D and the hook me up to the monitors. My stomach was tightening so much that you could actually see it raise and lower with each contraction. They started coming more and more till they were a minute apart and over a minute long and very painful! The nurses told me they were going to give me and IV with fluids and some pain meds to help while they monitored me. They gave me demerol and phenergen and it completely knocked me out. I would wake up every once in a while though and notice that I according to the monitor I was still having contractions. The finally woke me up at 8am sunday morning and told me they were sending me home. Um what?? I was still having contractions like crazy! The nurse told me because I wasn't dilating, these were real contractions just BH. Then told me to go home and if I kept having them, to take a tylenol PM and sleep through it. They never called my doctor and the on call doctor didn't see me either.

Is this normal? Has anyone ever heard that unless you are dilating they aren't real contractions?? The whole thing just sounded so off to me. Anyone else have an experience like this? I just don't know how I'm supposed to know if I'm having the real deal or not now. It's not like I can check my cervix myself! Help please!!

Re: Questionable trip to L&D - Long

  • They are real contractions- you just aren't in active labor.

    That is exactly what I am dealing with.  I have contractions every three minutes (and be thankful for the pain meds my hospital won't give them to me!!).

    They are real contraction but unless your cervix is changing you aren't in active labor so they won't do anything.  It's MISERABLE.  And trust me they had to call your doctor and tell them what was going on (or at least the oncall doctor) in order to release you.

    It sucks trust me I know, I've been twice through this.  I told the nurses I'm not coming back unless my water breaks or her head is sticking out.

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  • That stinks :( Only thing I can think is, are you sure the doctor on call didn't see you while you were asleep?

    I learned the hard way that you really have to speak up and advocate for yourself in the hospital. Did those nurses know that your OB wanted to know if it happened, because they wanted to schedule a c/s? .. I'd call your OB right away, explain everything, and see where they'd like to go from there.


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  • I figured it wasn't active labor but it's completely not what my dr told me BH contractions were. I've have BH before and it was never like this.

    I just got off the phone with my drs nurse (kind of sick of not being able to talk directly to my dr) and she basically just blew the whole thing off as nothing. She said if I was able to sleep through the contractions then it wasn't real labor. I don't know a lot about meds but I'm pretty sure the mixture of demerol and phenergen will knock out a horse.

    All this information is just contradicting what my OB has been telling me. I'm just really frustrated with all this mess. And PP, I feel the same way.. I refuse to go back up there unless I can hear one of my LO's crying lol

  • If they aren't changing your cervix they are not real contractions. BH can be really painful though.

    I have been in L&D twice for contractions. The first time I dilated to 1cm, and kept having contractions but never dilated anymore. So they sent me home even though I was still having the contractions.

    I know it is super frustrating, but there really isn't much you can do about it. If you keep having them, I would call and get checked out again. Eventually they will be the real thing. 

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