Toddlers: 12 - 24 Months

Check out this baby shower invite

This was sent by the mom to be herself over Facebook.

This is her second baby, they're less than a year apart and both boys.

Should I tell her I have other plans that day? Ugh.

This will be outdoors if weather permits, so bring your sunscreen and your hats or camping chairs if you got them.Also do not being any kids,children ect... under 14 "J" will not be here either he will be out with "Dad". You can bring your husbands or boyfriends ect.... the men will hang out inside or wherever. Please respond and let me know whos coming so we have the food situation under control. We will be serving cole meats,veggies, fruit and of course bbq since we will be outside.
Items needed,
and anything else.

Re: Check out this baby shower invite

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