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Holeee cow...LO stuck in crib slats.

This morning DH got me out of bed and said, "You gotta see Fay. I dunno whether to laugh or freak out, but I think I'm going to freak out..."

She was on her stomach in her crib, her legs were each under the bumper and  sticking through the slats in the crib. We have no idea how long she was stuck that way.

 She's fine, but that was scary! 

We're def. getting a diff bumper! 

Re: Holeee cow...LO stuck in crib slats.

  • Aw, she was asleep like that?  Maybe she didn't even realize!
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    Scary!  We got a breathable bumper and it's not all that great, but DS doesn't sleep in it, just plays in it!  
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  • Scary.  My baby doesn't go under our bumper, he likes to bat it down with his arms when he's awake/playing in the crib.

  • DD woke up early this morning and I'm so glad I didn't just let her fuss back to sleep.. I went in there and her arm was stuck all the way up to her shoulder! This isn't the first time it's happened either. She pushes the breathable bumper down and somehow manages to get stuck :( I've considered getting a regular bumper, but our pedi told me getting limbs stuck was safer then the risk of suffocation still at this age. I don't know though... part of me wonders really??

    It can't be comfortable for them :(

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  • Yeah, she just stayed asleep like that! I wonder if that's part of why she didn't wake up at all last night-- she couldn't roll into things! 


    We also have a breathable bumper but now DH wants to buy a traditional one so if she rolls, she won't bonk her head, etc. Maybe we will... 

  • That is so scary! DS did that a couple of times and then started to hit his head pretty hard because he moves so much.  We ended up getting regular bumpers and it's been better.  The pedi said if he's that active, then he's probably not at a high risk for suffocation, and more at risk of getting injured. 
  • I would recommend just getting rid of the bumper completely- there is mixed feelings on the safety of them to begin with.  We had one until LO started rolling around.  She has started sticking her legs through the slats tho- she learned that if she sticks her legs through the slats and bends her knees, she can anchor herself there as long as she wants and now sleeps that way.  

    Yeah, she's an interesting one...

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