1st Trimester

Little to no symptoms - is everything okay?

I am 8 wks along with my first and the only symptoms I have are fatigue and a growing bust (no sickness, nausea, smell sensitivity, etc.). Everyone tells me I am lucky. But I have read that symptoms are your body's reaction to the hormones being produced for the baby - letting you know that everything is on track.

Could lack of symptoms mean hormones are not being produced? Are "no symptoms" common? 

Re: Little to no symptoms - is everything okay?

  • very very very common. Don't worry!

    My only symptoms with my 1st were sore boobs and fatigue. Try to rest now! It's about to get worse very soon. haha!


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  • I am 11 weeks and 1D. I too havent been experiencing problems and I was extremely worried. The doctor assured me every pregnancy is different and I was lucky as well. Lets just hope our entire pregnancy is this way. Big Smile
  • image SarahTx5701:

    very very very common. Don't worry!

    My only symptoms with my 1st were sore boobs and fatigue. Try to rest now! It's about to get worse very soon. haha!


    Same here.  I wouldn't worry about it!

  • I had little to no symptoms.  I had sore boobs that came and went, other than that - nothing to really speak of.  Except being very tired.  Don't worry about it.
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  • i'm the same as you... no worries :)
  • No worries!  I was the same in 1st trimester!  Then when I was in 2nd, I had severe fatigue, lots of foods made me sick and then the morning sickness kicked in and the lovely swollen feet!  I hope you have none of these, as they were no fun!  Good luck and H&H 9 months for you!
  • Don't worry about a lack of symptoms. I've got twins on board and I've had next to no pg symptoms other than fatigue and sore boobs. Not everyone has m/s or nausea. Count yourself lucky! I did and still do!
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  • Me too!  I keep trying to remind myself that I am one of the lucky ones so far, but my mind won't be at ease until my U/S next week! 
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  • I don't have any symptoms either, and I'm almost 13 weeks.
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  • Ugh No I really dont think you have anything to worry about. I am having my 4th baby and I am 9wks. All I really have is just sleepy an eating everything an get a little dizzy... With my others I had 3girls I didnt get sick Nothing really I was just sleepy an eating. People do call it "lucky" but its just how "you" body dose things that is not always a bad thing.If you feel like there is something wrong talk to your doctor I did ALOT with my 1st 6yrs ago an there is NOTHING wrong with that. Always make it a point your body you know what is going on with it an what you are or are not feeling sometime youll get a doctor that tells you. lol no hun you KNow let them know clearly!  good luck!!!!
  • I had the same concern as well.  However, my OB told me that I was just lucky and that everything is fine.
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