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Maternity clothes at only 8 wks?

Despite being only 8 weeks pregnant I am beginning to find the need for maternity pants. Though I can still fit into most most of my pants they are getting too tight too fast. It just seems a bit too early for maternity pants. Anyone else experiencing this?   

Re: Maternity clothes at only 8 wks?

  • I was full of bloat with my first and was in maternity pants by 9 or 10 weeks.  

    Don't worry, get comfy 

  • Ive just started to wear my mat jeans this week and Im 12 weeks pregnant with my third - with my second I was in my maternity jeans by 8 weeks - even in the last week I have had to have my regular trousers unbuttoned as they were putting too much pressure on me.  Best to be comfy
  • I wouldn't worry about what week, just get what is comfortable.  You'll be so much happier!
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  • jmm881jmm881 member

    I know how you feel! On and off for the last three weeks, I've thought I might need them! (almost 12 weeks now) I haven't actually worn them yet, but I have bought some. Somedays I'm much more bloated than others - and when I've tried them on - they feel so much better than my normal dress pants/jeans!

    Good luck - I am a big go for what's comfortable not what's in style lately though!

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  • Think of it this way: you're getting more use out of your maternity wardrobe! :-)
  • I'm about six weeks and I feel so bloated that it's uncomfortable to button my jeans. I ordered the bella band this evening. It's supposed to go over the waist of your jeans and cover open flies or unbuttoned buttons. :o) I'm excited to get it. lol.

    My grandma was also telling me that drinking warm lemon water helps with the bloat. Just a thought. :o)

  • I bought my first maternity pants a week ago. I don't regret it at all, I feel like comfier and it looks better than the hair tie trick or anything like that. 
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  • Me!

    My clothes still fit, but uncomfortably.
    I'm wearing sweats or maternity pants. My shirts are still okay, for now. 

  • My pants started getting really uncomfortable at 6 weeks...I'm now 7 weeks and I've started wearing maternity clothes b/c it is just more comfortable.  There is no need to be miserable...just buy some and relax!  Big Smile
  • Im only 4 weeks and my pants feel too tight!!! With my last baby i didnt want to go into maternity pants so soon. So i just took a hair band and rigged it up around the buttons of my pants so i had a little more room!
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  • There's no such thing as "too early". There's no rule that you need to be at least 15 weeks pregnant to wear maternity clothes. I never cared for the bella band so I went into maternity clothes early, even with my 1st.

    I'm still wearing non-maternity clothes solely because I'm too lazy to get most of my wardrobe out of storage and wash them. hahaha. I did grab a few pairs of shorts, that's about it.

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  • I have been extremely boated since week 7 and it is showing no sign of going away. I bought a few pairs of maternity dress pants early on because a lot of my pants are low rise and they were so uncomfortable. I am in love with maternity pants!
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  • Are they tight all over or just in the waist? I love my Be Band and it keeps in in most of my normal pants, very comfortably. Some I just can't button, others I can't even pull up the zipper. The band hides my undone-ness. I am hestitant to go to maternity for fear of outing myself with any panel pants, spending money on maternity pants that won't actually fit later and I won't get much use out of, or having another loss and then having all of these unwearable clothes kicking around (for us, I think we might not try again if we lost this PG and move to expand our family another way).

    That said, go with what feels right to you!

  • The bloat can be really bad.

    I'm 14 weeks and still in regular pants, but need flowy-like tops because tight stuff doesn't look cute on me. I'm not "pregnant" enough yet to look like I have a bump but my flat abs and waist line are gone now, so that isn't a cute look either. 

  • I'm in the same boat. All my pants were a little tight to begin with, and now they are just not comfortable. I wanted to wait until at least week 9, but I may be headed out this weekend.
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  • lol oh wow this is news to me I am having my 4th an was sure i would not be having to do this. I am small an was with the others. I thought i was crazy thinking my belly was getting a little big thought it could not happen being only 9wks, but i see others are the same ugh lol the joys of being preg
  • If you feel like you need them then get them!  I'm hoping to hold off a few more weeks. I'm actually hoping to borrow some from my sister because I definitely don't want to have to buy summer and winter mat clothes! 
  • MrsAJLMrsAJL
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    Serious bloat here!  I'm not even 5 weeks and I had to get a Bella Band to hold my pants up.  I'm try to avoid buying any maternity clothes for a little bit but I'm right there with you on too-tight-pants.
  • image virgomom:
    I wouldn't worry about what week, just get what is comfortable.  You'll be so much happier!


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