1st Trimester

Dizzy again?

So before I found out I ws pregnant I knew something was up because I would get so dizzy I would have to grab something to keep from falling over.  The dizzies finally went away, yet now they are back full force.

It is funny how on track this baby and pregnancy is.  I read something that said this would start right around this tie again and damn if it didn't.

Yeah...my pics were so old. I got 3 kids. Nuff said. :)

Re: Dizzy again?

  • Indeed it can get really bad an quit annoying I get it a lot. More so now i think then when I was preg with my other 3. It happend to me this time much like you lol as I should have known I was lol... thought was something else. So try eating fibers, proteins, an drink lots of water eat some crackers an maybe some chocolate it might help if dose not get any better just a little an is really really bad go to the doctor
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