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not liking any food?

hello all,

 my DD just turned 6 mths this past weekend but i've trying to feed her baby food for about a month. she refuses everything-even the fruits and yogurt which i was trying to hold on but let her try in desperation. i have even pureed some table food for her but she just is not interested. anyone else have a LO like this? any suggestions for getting her to like food more? maybe she just isn't ready yet?

thanks in advance!


Re: not liking any food?

  • Mine won't eat any solids at all.  We tried for about 5 weeks and I just decided to quit.  He hates it and it was just too much trouble & stress.  We'll probably try BLW when he's older.  The don't need any solids until they are 12 months so don't worry, you've got plenty of time.
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