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Please tell me not to worry....

Georgia still doesn't roll over....and she is kinda pathetic on tummy time too.  She doesn't push up on her amrs, and looks like she struggles to hold her up her head....

I am not overly concerned about the rolling....but the tummy time head lifting doesn't seem right.....

Tell me it's fine, okay?  LOL

Re: Please tell me not to worry....

  • If you hold her against you (shoulder/chest), does she try to push away?
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    If you hold her against you (shoulder/chest), does she try to push away?

    Yes, she can do that...

    *I should add that she hates tummy time, and therefore doesn't get a lot of practice*

  • my DD didn't roll from her tummy to her back until she was 6 mths old and didn't roll from back to tummy until she was 5 mnths old. she also hated tummy time. she may just be picking it up later because not being on her tummy much-i think that is way my DD was late to the rolling over thing.
  • Then it's just a matter of hating tummy time. Sounds like she's strong enough, and developing muscles well, so that's good. Do you go to a mommy/baby type group? If you can, go to one and put her down on her tummy there. Most babies are more tolerant of being put in strange positions they don't like when they can see other babies doing it. Evelyn HATED tummy time until we started going to Mommy & Me regularly, and I just kept increasing the time she was on her tummy from there. She's also a tummy sleeper... so the aversion to tummy time kinda confused me, but she would scream bloody murder when she woke up when she wasn't able to roll over yet! Now she's gotten used to being on her tummy a lot, and will roll either way at will and is even trying to crawl. Mind you, we went to Mommy & Me when she was around 2 months old or so, so she's had a bit of time... but definitely see if you can get her into tummy time at a baby group soon.
  • Don't worry! My DD still doesn't roll over back to tummy, and she's 6.5 months. She's been rolling tummy to back since 4 months, but never consistently. She also hates tummy time, so its been a struggle. She is meeting all her other milestones though and she is very strong, so i'm just not very worried about it. We'll see what the pedi says, but really, i think the whole milestones things is taken a little bit too seriously. Babies are different.
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  • It's fine! DS#1 didn't roll over from back to front until he was 6 1/2 months... didn't crawl until 10 months... didn't walk until 14 months... some kids go at their own pace.  Now at 2 years old I sure wish he would sloooow down! :)
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  • I belong to another mommy board that is pretty close knit. Some of the babies do not seem to roll at all. THey go right to sitting. Perhaps she just really hates being on her tummy.  I would just keep laying her on your chest and playing and singing to her so she gets some tummy time but don't worry.
  • If you are concerned, def bring it up with the pedi.

    Jackson did stay on his stomach a little before he sat up, but really wasn't a big fan.  Once he started sitting at 6.5 months though, he didn't mind going on his belly and pushing up on his arms.

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  • our LO didnt roll over until he was almost 7 months, dont worry. one day it will just happen!
  • I've only actually seen DD roll over twice. She just doesn't want to. She is plenty strong, she just prefers to sit or stand. I'm not worried at all. I'm kind of hoping she skips crawling and goes right to walking as many do since our house is still not baby proofed.
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  • I'm a firm believer that if you're truly concerned, make an appointment with your pedi - it's the best way to get peace of mind.

    That being said, I wouldn't worry too much.  My DD was 9 months old and not really rolling.  In fact, I could count on one hand how many times she's rolled from belly to back and I had NEVER seen her roll from back to belly.  Then one day she just started crawling.  Two weeks later, she was pulling up and cruising.  A week after that she was walking.  I know it's so cliche', but kids do things on their own time (which never seems to be on our time!). 

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