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I'm 9 weeks pregnant, and this is my first pregnancy.  My shirts for work are getting way to tight, and I'm not sure what to do.  Should I buy maternity shirts this early?  My pants fit fine - it's just the shirts.  No one at work knows I'm pregnant yet, so I'm nervous to walk into work next week in a maternity shirt.  I wasn't planning on telling anyone until 12 weeks.

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Re: Maternity Shirts

  • Maybe buy a larger size??? That is what I am going to do...or try to do :)

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  • Well, you can do one of two things, buy maternity shirts or buy new shirts a couple of sizes bigger. I am pregnant with me second and both pregnancies have blessed me with my chest growing 2 cups sizes in my first trimester, so I chose to by maternity shirts and was so glad I did. I used them longer and was able to rationalize spending a little more on them so that I could get nicer shirts.
  • I have found that peasant tops and shirts and dresses with an empire waist are particularly comfortable as long as I can fit my enormous boobs in them!  Plus since both styles are kinda popular right now, you don't have to look like you are wearing maternity clothes yet.  Just pick a size to fit your bust.
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  • I would just buy the maternity shirts. No one wants to be putting on a shirt two sizes larger when they are emotional and already don't feel well. Plus you will spend less money because you are going to have to buy materinty shirts any way. Hope this helps....Good Luck!

  • I came to realize with my first that it doesn't matter when you start wearnig maternity clothes, as long as you're comfortable! So whatever you want to do just make sure you're comfortable!!
  • I would just buy maternity shirts...you're going to need them eventually anyways and then you won't have to spend the money on shirts in larger sizes.

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  • I'd go ahead and buy maternity shirts. They will last you a lot longer. I just went and bought maternity clothes bc I lost weight in my first tri and I continue to lose bc of my diet but the clothes I got you can't even tell they are maternity.

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  • jmm881jmm881 member

    I had the same problem, and for work I have to wear dress clothes. I have been wearing button down shirts lately with a tank under neath so I can leave it unbuttoned near my boobs (that's the worst part) or I can unbutton it for even more comfort! 

    I have bought a few maternity shirts, but I'm nervous about wearing them too - no one really knows at work yet!

     Good Luck!

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