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How important is it...

that your doc check your betas every 48-72 hours?  They had me come in yesterday morning for my first drawl.  Well I was told they would call with results. At 4pm today I called to get results only to hear that they are CLOSED until Monday.  So the earliest I will get them is Monday.  Maybe earliest I can go in again Tuesday.  Wow...I wish someone would have told me.

Re: How important is it...

  • My doc checked them to see if they were high, I didn't even think to ask a number. She said they were great and on track with how far along I am. I don't think it is necessary to redraw unless you have a history of problems....but I could be wrong. My doc never mentioned another draw within 48-72 hrs. She was just happy with my #.
  • I have had blood drawn twice with my DD within the 48 hour period, and then this pregnancy they have drawn it twice, but one week apart from the other, because of Memorial Day. My doctor told me it wasn't absolutely required to do it in the 48-72 hour time period, it was just importnant to make sure the HcG is increasing.

  • Like others have said, the time frame doesnt actually matter if they are do Betas. What matters is the rate at which the levels are rising or dropping. If they are rising but not as expected OR dropping, there may be a problem.

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