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Sigh. Induction date set.

My induction is scheduled for next Tuesday (I'll be 41/4) so I'm hoping hoping hoping hoping hoping I go into labor before then.  My goal has been to have a spontaneous and natural delivery and I really hope this happens.  But, if you do have positive epi-free pitocin stories, I would love to hear them!  TIA!
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Re: Sigh. Induction date set.

  • Sending you lots of labor dust!
  • There's still time!  My first DD was born on 41/4 spontaneously.  They made me schedule an induction, but they didn't make me schedule it till 41/6 (couldn't do 42 cause it was a Saturday, wouldn't want to get in the way of the doctor's weekend and all you know, it's all about their convenience). 

    Most babies are born between 40 and 41 weeks so statistically you are likely to go before then.

     Good luck!

    Mama to Lucy (7/06), Lexi (5/09), and Max (11/11) M/C 12/17/10
  • Big Smile

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    Sending you lots of labor dust!

    this also

  • One of my best friends was induced and successfully birthed without an epidural!  It's possible :)
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  • Hang in there & hopefully it will happen on it's own!  My mw brought up induction at my appointment yesterday, I'll be 41/5 when I have to do it.....but she said that sometimes all it takes is setting the date to make them come!
  • That's still plenty of time that you could go into labor on your own.  GL!
  • My induction date was set for 41/1 and DS came all on his own that very morning!!  There is still time :)
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    One of my best friends was induced and successfully birthed without an epidural!  It's possible :)

    here too...since I know induction is likely for me (I have GD and won't be allowed to go past 39/5) she's been my inspiration.   She said it helped that this was her 1st, and she didn't have anything to compare the pit contractions too - maybe they were harder than spontaneous but hwo was she to know?

  • my water broke and i was taking too long so they started me on a whiff of pitocin...and I was off and running into active labor. They turned it back off right away...and i proceeded to have a non-epi birth. sometimes, your body is ready too!
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  • Thanks for all of the positive responses and labor dust!  
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  • Just make sure you talk to them ahead of time that you wish for pitocin to be turned off if your own labor starts actively, not turned up to speed it up. GL!
  • I was induced with my DD and no epi here!  Everything went fine!  Now she is a beautiful 11 year old with a little brother/sister on the way!  You will do fine either way but sending labor dust your way!
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  • You still have time for it to happen naturally.  One person I know put their feet in ice cold water and that day ended up going into labor.  May or may not help (she thought it did), but I'm planning on trying it myself if I go past my due date.  Good luck!
  • I hope baby is here sooner!  I was scheduled for a Cervadil induction at 41 weeks, and baby was born an hour before my induction appointment!

    Have you asked about the induction methods they can use before Pitocin?  My MW was going to try Cervadil (I think that's the one anyway) at 41, but let me go to 42 before doing Pitocin.  I guess all induction methods increase chance of meds and or c-section, but one applied directly to the cervix instead of your blood stream sounds safer to me.  I probably haven't gotten fully educated on this one though, I'm willing to admit.

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  • image mrs.seans_grl:
    That's still plenty of time that you could go into labor on your own.  GL!

    Agreed. I bet you'll go by yourself Big Smile

    All the same, my cousin got some acupunture therapy done at just over 41 weeks and went into labor that night. Know anyone who does labor related acupuncture? I think she just went to her chiro.

  • Sending labor dust your way!

    I was induced with Pitocin and had a med free vaginal delivery.  I won't say it was easy but it was possible and safe!  Make sure you have support and plenty of resources as possible.  Keep things calm, keep remembering to breathe, and never think about the next contraction.  Never.  Just work through it one at a time!  Music helped me, the birthing ball helped me, and so did hot showers in the jacuzzi shower.

  • Both my labors were started with pitocin and I didn't have any other drugs (except local anesthesia to repair tears). It is definitely possible. My contractions were a little crazy with hardly any break between, but that also seemed to contribute to exceptionally fast labors (5 hours of active labor/pushing with DD and 2 hours of active labor/pushing with DS).
    Hopefully you will go into labor on your own... but if not, don't lose hope. You can still have an otherwise natural L&D.
  • My best friend was induced at 41w6d and had a epi-free birth to her 9lb baby boy. You can do it! I have faith.
  • Have you talked to your OB about more natural means of inducing? My OB stripped my membranes with DS at 39/6 and he was born the next day--on my due date. I had an epi, but had been planning on having one with him. But, I didn't need any pitocin to start labor is my point.

    This pregnancy, I am trying to 100% natural. If I need to be induced, I'll ask OB to strip my membranes again... and do just about anything else BEFORE Pitocin because if I have to be induced with Pitocin, I can't be in the birthing center at the hospital since they have like 80 gagillion rules that have to all be met before being admitted to the Birthing Center instead of L&D.

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