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Has anyone delivered at the Winnie Palmer Hospital???  If so, how was it or did you have a good experience at another hospital.  I am new to Florida and am trying to find an OB-GYN.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  THANKS!

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  • I have not delivered at Winnie Palmer, but everyone I know that has had a baby there, loved it.  I use OB & GYN Specialists, they were my GYN before becoming preggers. It is an office of 11 doctors and 8 or so RN/Midwifes. And they have 3 offices around the Orlando area.
  • I delivered my son there and loved loved loved it.  The rooms are nice, they have a concierge service that can upgrade your room, towels, bathrobe, and even schedule you a massage.  The food is great for hospital food, and the staff are fantastic....  I went to womens partners in health near downtown Orlando.  I love love love them too.  Dr. White and Dr. Fu are my favorites...  very personal...
  • Winnie is incredible!  It's 3 years old and many of my friends have delivered there.

    I also go to OB GYN Specialists -- they have a GREAT reputation and I have liked every doc that I have seen.  http://www.obandgyn.cc/

    They have offices in Winter Park, Oviedo and Sandlake/Dr Phillips.  Everything is in-house (ultrasounds, bloodwork, etc) so you don't have to make appts to run all over town

  • I delivered my DS at Winnie Palmer. It was such a great experience.  I also delivered my DD at Florida Hospital in Winter Park and Winnie was 1000 times better.

     I go to Dr. Bielawny at Physician Associates.

  • I had my preemie at Winnie Palmer. He was in the NICU for 10 weeks there, and although we have moved out of the area, I had such a wonderful experience that we have seriously talked about trying to move back when it comes to TTC #2.  I highly recommend taking a tour- the amenities were great but that's not what I was concerned about at the time. The staff was excellent. GL!

  • I delivered via c-section at winnie and it was the best experience I could have ever hoped for. Plus the food is fantastic. Do the tour they offer.
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  • I have several friends that delivered at Winnie Palmer and LOATHED it. I also have a good number of friends who are L&D nurses in the area and wouldn't be caught dead delivering their own children at that hospital. From what I've seen and heard, there are waaaay too many patients and they are seriously understaffed. The nurses have always been incredibly rude. Plus, I hated the rooms every time I went to visit my friends. They're really modern but small and dark. I prefer Winter Park Memorial Hospital. They just built a brand new Baby Place wing and it's amazing! Plus, the nurses at WPMH are the sweetest, kindest, most knowledgeable I've ever encountered. Even if they hadn't built the new wing, I still would have delivered in the old as sh!t part of the hospital because their staff is so wonderful. 
  • Dr. Louis Stern, he has an office near the hospital and in Oveido. He delivers at Winnie and although I have not delivered there yet, I've visited and heard nothing but great things. Nurses are very sweet and supportive. Very clean and very secure. Everyone who enters, even children, get photographed and logged in with personal ID. I wouldn't want to deliver anywhere else.
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  • I have heard bad and good things--mostly good ones though. I have a friend who recently gave birth to her daughter at 25 wks and has so far loved the experience as much as one could during a stressful time. Ironically though I am giving birth at a birth center and my midwife help deliver the babies of 6 nurses from Winnie Palmer last month alone. But if I do end up having to have a hospital birth then Winnie Palmer is my (and my midwife's) first choice.
  • Every woman I've known to deliver in Orlando, except for one, has chosen Winnie Palmer.  I visited a friend of mine who just delivered this week and I thought the room was a little tight.  I tasted the food and I though it was acceptable and I like that you and your partner can order without leaving the room.  The partner has to pay $5 per meal and is only allowed to order 3 times a day.  Mom can have as much as she wants, I believe.

    I was considering Florida Hospital's The Baby Place but my doctor says she does 99.9% of her deliveries at Winnie and doesn't have much experience delivering at Florida Hospital.  I don't think I want to go somewhere that my doctor isn't used to delivery with.  I want her to be familiar with the procedures and staff of where I deliver.

  • I'm in the same boat, I'm debating between the Baby Place, which I've heard nothing but good things about--it's just a farther drive for us. And Winnie Palmer, I've heard waayy too many mixed opinions. Two of my girlfriends had their kids there, one said they push more towards C-Sections than anything and the staff is incredibly rude and if you need assistance like if your baby's crying, or you push the call button, you're waiting for a good 20 minutes. Example...what if your partner steps out of the room and your by yourself? O_o

    My friend just had a little girl like a month and a half ago. She was suppose to deliver at Winnie. She was 36 weeks and went in with contractions about 4-5 min apart. They sent her home an hour later saying they're just Braxton Hicks and she'll be fine. She gets home, an hour later gets up to use the bathroom, her water breaks and delivers her little girl in her bathroom.

    I've been in Winnie Palmer once to visit a friends mom and it looked really nice, but I don't know if I want to weigh the possibility of these negative occurrences happening again. =/

  • I hate Winnie Palmer. I had a Preemie and once of nurses working around my fragile baby went on a smoke break and came back to speak to me and I could smell it on her breath. I told her 'manager' this and she said that no one who works in the NICU is supposed to smoke for obvious reasons.. nothing happened. So I requested that she not work with my baby and warned some of the other NICU moms. The rooms are awful and not comfortable or inviting. There is no privacy because the staff are in and out of your room all day and night. I didn't see my baby for 2 days because they felt I shouldn't travel about the hospital in my condition (Pre-E). The doctors don't respect your views. And I had to wait for a wheel chair to take me to see my baby when they others were in use. Most of the other mommies complain about how long it takes them to see their baby after birth. And hopefully they don't have their baby check system still up and running...Winnie Palmer has a high C-Section rate also.
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