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I'm going on a pregnancy "diet".

or something like that.  I just got back from the OB and I gained 7 pounds in 4 weeks! 7 pounds!  I'm at the same weight that I was with my 2nd son at this same pregnancy week.  The OB who is new and kind of biotchy told me to "cool it".   She told me I want to shoot for 30 pounds and I'm already up 22.   And I have 14 or so more weeks to go?! 

here I was thinking I was eating well and exercising and the weight still comes on. If this is like the last pregnancy then in two weeks I am going to fail my 1 hr. glucose test.



Re: I'm going on a pregnancy "diet".

  • I'm convinced that some people just gain more than others no matter how hard they try. With DD I ate fairly healthy AND we worked out 2-3x a week and tried to do something active (tennis, kicking around a soccer ball, brisk walking, etc.) at least one other day a week... and I wound up gaining 52 pounds. Being weighed at my OB's office felt like a nightmare... and the hardest thing was convincing them that I WAS doing everything to control my weight gain!

    I'm not far enough along to compare this to my other pregnancy yet, but I really just think certain people gain more weight than others... 

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  • Meh, join the club. I find out this week if I fail. I've got two more days to go before I think I'm safe if they dont call.
  • As long as you are eating healthy and exercising moderately... I would not stress about it.  Not much more you can do!!
  • I am w/ you! I am starting this week w/ really buckling down on my eating habits.

    I eat super healthy for the most part but I feel like I am starving all the time. I am ok w/ eating more but I really need to try to avoid the unhealthy stuff as much as I can.

    I work out 3-6 times a week. Walk hill intervals (fast) for 30 min... thinking about bumping it up to 40-45 min and I also weight train 2x a week but am going to bump that up to 3x a week.

    I realize I will gain weight but the healthier I am the better it is for me and the baby and the easier it will be to lose the weight in the end.

  • I am so with ya.  I had gained 8 lbs in the first 4 months, then 8 lbs in month 5, and I thought I was being good, I exercise 3x a week and walk almost 30 minutes a day and can't eat lots of junk food because of a lactose allergy.  My doc told me I needed to eat less.  I am trying to be super vigilant, but sometimes I just get STARVING.  Sucks, this weekend I was on a trip with friends and they were all enjoying themselves with beer and burgers and fries, and I was eating fruits and veggies and only drinking water.  What can you do.
  • I gained 8 lbs from week 8 to week 12.  OB scolded me.  Then I started eating super strict healthy and gained 2 lbs from weekes 12-15.  I had to go back at week 16 for bloodwork, and turns out I gained 2 more pounds in a week!  I walk 4 miles a day roundtrip to get to and from work, I run on top of that, and I eat healthy.  Somehow I keep packing it on.  Don't feel bad.
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  • I gained 10, big whoop.
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  • News flash! You're pregnant!

    Relax! My mom gained 50 pounds with me, and my moms friend gained 80 with her. None of us are fat. Your baby needs what it needs.

  • You're doing what you're supposed to be doing and yes, weight can happen in spurts.

    Just keep eating right and taking care of yourself and the numbers on the scale will be just fine.

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  • I was so happy to read this post this morning.... i was a bit under weight when i got pregnant but i have gained 22 pounds and i am 25 weeks!! i am terrified of the end result and how much weight i will gain in the 3rd trimester!! i had one of those days yesterday that i was starving all day so i ate a fair bit and definately went to bed feeling guilty but i dont know where all this weight is coming from or going.... ugh.... trying not to stress about it
  • It happens!  No need to diet while you're pregnant.  Just try to eat healthier foods, but if you already are, then dieting is a bad idea!
  • With each pregnancy come different results, and there shouldn't be a number put on anyone! What's important is not what the scale says, but what you're putting in your mouth. If you're exercising and have a high protein diet, you have NOTHING to worry about!
  • I gained about 50 with my first 9 years ago and I dreaded to go to the doctor to be weighed in.  I worked out,swam, and ran.  I lost it all after the baby.  Now I am 7 weeks and I plan to do the same.  Eat healthy, exercise, and try not to stress out about the weight.  I will come off after the baby!!!
  • I've been gaining weight quickly too... between 20 and 24 weeks I gained 10 lbs! That's on a petite 5'2" frame too.  My midwife didn't care.  She said my weight gain up to that point was very slow, and I was just playing catch up.  Don't stress about it.  If you're eating right and excercising, the weight gain will be whatever it needs to be.
  • This happened to me with my first pregnancy. I gained 8 lbs in a month in the 2nd trimester. My DR told me to cool it too. I wasn't over eating or eating badly, not any different than any month before.  

    Turns out post partum (8 months) I was FINALLY diagnosed with severe hypothyroidism. Apparently when the baby started making it's own thyroid hormone my body developed an auto immune reponse to mine and FRIED it.  If I were you I would ask your DR for a Free T4 and TSH hormone check (thyroid test and metabolic panel) and see if you need to to treat this. It's very common in pregnancy and I'm surprised more OB's dont make it part of their prenatal and postpartum care.
  • I am so glad I read this post this morning!  I am 24 weeks and went to the dr on Tuesday.  I also had to go into the doc at 22 wks because of some cramping.  In those 2 WEEKS (yes, 2!) I gained 7lbs!  I almost had a heart attack! Now at 24 weeks, I am up to 24 lbs!  My dr asked if I had been eating anything different and I said no.  This whole pregnancy, I haven't had much of a taste for meat, and have been CRAVING fruits and veggies.  In the second trimester, the cravings for something sweet kicked in, but I definitely try to limit it to once a day and substitute fruit a couple times a week.  But I'm not going to deny myself a piece of chocolate cake if that's what I want! :-)

     Of course, I feel way bigger than I actually am, mostly because I have been relatively thin all of my life and having a belly right now is a new experience.  But that's just it!  All 24 of the lbs have been gained in my belly and boobs (they have gone up 2 cup sizes!).  My butt has gained a little, but not that much!  I think I look 9 months preggo!

     So I say, don't worry about it.  We definitely have enough to worry about right now with just staying healthy!  Eat right, get some exercise, and don't sweat the small stuff!


    I had a similar problem with a weight gain 'spike' during my pregnancy but from what I have understood - it's not safe to lose it...  the horse has left the barn and you are pretty much supposed to wait until after the baby comes to lose it.  If you have questions as to why... I suggest you Google "Ketosis and pregnancy" -- if your losing weight, your body is most likely in Ketosis and that can be harmful to the brain development of the baby...  a risk I was NOT willing to take.  I'll lose it when I'm done...  good luck!

  • I REALLY FEEL THE SAME WAY! My doctor told me that I am doing good, but i feel like I am gaining more then I should. Guess it's normal? I think we all panic about this stuff during pregnancy... and they tell you not to stress! HA! Good luck with everything. 
  • Hi there-


    I hit the same weight gain you have- I'm at 22 weeks only and up 20 pounds...I'm normally a super healthy eater and a runner. What I didn't realize about pregnancy was how sensitive our body is to glucose/sugar (carbs!). My doc said to just cut out all the carbs and focus more on healthy proteins, vegetables and low GI fruits.


    Good luck! I know I was really disappointed when I saw that scale...I didn't think I had been going to town on unhealthy food, turns out it was just the combinations of what I was eating (no more raisin bran for me!)



  • You feel like your starving? What? I am sorry but who cares how much you gain... I would just be more worried about having a healthy baby.  I mean there is NO need to go on a feeding frenzy and eat junk food but if you feel hungry then eat!
  • I'm worried about this too. I was chunkier than I usually am when I got pregnant.  I lost 10 lbs first trimester, then only gained 1 in 2 weeks then 7 the next two weeks. Yes. 7 pounds in two weeks.

    I am nervous abut my next appointment. My body loves putting on any weight it can no matter what I do... I know I need to for the baby, but I don't want 50 lbs to lose in the dead of winter later on. 

    Then I have my beanpole sister who gained 17 pounds total. With twins. 

    I don't like her sometimes. 



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  • Our weight can fluctuate rapidly even when you are not pregnant.  Water weight gain can be very common and you could gain 5 pounds in one week and lose 4 the next.  This can be very true in the summer with edema and swelling.  As long as you are staying active and well balanced meals...that is all any Dr. can ask for.

    Oh...and even though it is not pleasant to mention...BMs make a difference.  If you are having difficulty and not staying "regular"...that can account for a pound or more depending.

  • image SDworkingmom:

    Our weight can fluctuate rapidly even when you are not pregnant.  Water weight gain can be very common and you could gain 5 pounds in one week and lose 4 the next.  This can be very true in the summer with edema and swelling.  As long as you are staying active and well balanced meals...that is all any Dr. can ask for.

    Oh...and even though it is not pleasant to mention...BMs make a difference.  If you are having difficulty and not staying "regular"...that can account for a pound or more depending.


    This is so true, and I try to keep it in mind. :)



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  • Im about 27 weeks and i've gained 17 pounds and like you mentioned, failed my one hour glucose test. Is that really a big deal? My doctor completely freaked me out about it and i have to go for a 3 hour test later this week..Im afraid to eat ANYTHING with sugar. I don't get it. I don't drink soda, I don't eat fast food, I exercise like crazy...Im not sure what else I could've done to prevent this?
  • I gained 14.5 pounds so far I,am 16 weeks pregnant. My doctor was not happy with me he also said i,am gaining to fast. I eat plenty of fruits and veggies, no junk food and i walk around the park every moring at 5:30 am for 40 mins. I,am going to up it to 60 mins next week, and just countinue to eat healthy I,am worried about my next apt June 30, I,am affarid of the Scale, I was a healthy BMI when i became pregnant , But my Dr only wants me to gain between 20-25 pounds

  • I know how yall feel . i went to the doctor last week and she yelled at me... told me i needed to slow down! i went home feeling like crap, and crying to my husband , im really funny about my weight anyways and know im stressed out because i supposely gained like 10-15 ibs in 4 week "holy cow" !!! The funny thing is i eat very healthy so now im trying to cut back on my portions and walking 6 days a week:) so hopefully ill weigh in better next visit!!
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    When I had my daughter I weighed within 2 lbs of my weight when I had my son my daughter I could hardly eat because she crowded my stomach more and with my son I was constantly hungry. With my third baby I am coming in at the same weight again and expect to be within a couple lbs either way when I give birth. I think most women just have a healthy weight they are supposed to gain and it won't make much difference as long as you are eating somewhat healthy for the baby. Also I gained about 50 lbs each time (I have an average build not over or under weight) and the weight came off quickly each time so I don't think that weight should be as much of an issue as you dr is making it out to be. Good luck with your gtt though I hope you pass it!
  • I was getting really worried for my 18wk appointment because, according to my scale at home, I had gained about 8 lbs total. The OB's scale usually weighs me a little higher, so I was worried that I had gained to much. Then, when I got there, their scale showed I had actually lost 4 lbs from the time I even found out I was pregnant! I know it's not good to lose weight during your second trimester, but my OB did not seem concerned. I am in the healthy weight range, not overweight or obese, so I thought losing weight would be an issue? But I dont know what to trust...the OB scale or my home scale?
  • I went to the doctors yesterday and had gained 6 pounds in 4 weeks. Not to terrible. The doctor gave me a nutrition lesson in which i responded, i am eating (and not excessively) all of those foods AND i walk 2 miles a day and do yoga at least 4 days a week. I have gained a total of 9 pounds since the start.

    I think a big problem with some ladies is just that you had morning sickness, couldn't keep anything down and you lost all that weight. Which your body was not used to. Now your body is dealing with pregnancy AND all this food again. I wouldn't worry. As long as your not eating horrible all the time and your eating healthy for baby. Your cool.

  • We all have weeks like that and some weeks you won't gain anything.  I gained 31 pounds up until the week I delivered, and gained almost 10 pounds the week I delivered, it was ALL water weight.  Don't fret!  And ignore your Dr, the anxiety she is causing is worse for you and baby than 3 extra pounds is!  Plus if you breast feed, that weight just falls right off!
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