3rd Trimester

38 wk appt. and u/s today

Had u/s today b/c baby had been measuring ahead (by about 2 weeks) for the last few appts.  They said the baby weight estimate is about 8 lbs. and I'm measuring (and baby's development) is at about 39w5d.

1st internal today, she said I'm about 80% effaced, but not dilated at all.  Does this mean anything...?  She emphasized how I could go into labor tonight or not for 2 weeks (although they won't let me go past my due date b/c of baby's size).  Just wondering what you ladies have found in terms of what they tell you after an internal?  I feel like DH and I don't know any more than we did walking in there, which is a little frustrating.

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Re: 38 wk appt. and u/s today

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