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Big Sister Book for a EBFing family?

All the "I'm a big sister now" type books I find for DD have the baby being fed formula, when one of the biggest issues I'm going over with DD is that mommy is going to be feeding her little brother from her nipples... A LOT. Has anyone found any breastfeeding-friendly books of that genre?
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Re: Big Sister Book for a EBFing family?

  • Your kid is 2.  I don't think this is going to be as big a deal as you seem to think it will.
  • The Big Sister book I have makes no mention of feeding, either by bottle (Which, you know, doesn't necessarily mean formula) or breastfeeding - no images or text dealing with feeding at all (other than that pretty much all the new baby will do is eat, poop, cry).

    It deals with what being a big sister means, how special it is, that the new baby will look to her to learn things, etc. It's called "I'm Going to be a Big Sister" by Brenda Bercun. Not helpful if you are specifically looking for something to deal with BFing, but it's a nice book.

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  • Yes, my Big Sister books don't mention breastfeeding or bottle feeding specifically. If DD asks, you can just explain it to her. My DD recently has been very curious about nipples and we explained to her that mammals have nipples to feed their babies milk, and we're mammals. So she understands that LO will be feeding from me. She also asked if she can feed the baby with a bottle too, and I told her she can do that as well. Once we explain something to her and she understood, she lets it go.
  • I agree w PP that it probably won't be a big deal to DD. I expect my DS to be intrigued but not troubled by it. My cousin recently gave birth and when she mentioned BFing in front of her 4 boys the oldest said, Eeeew, you mean feed her like a baby cow? but the younger ones didn't bat en eye. My SIL even BF'd her 1st until halfway thru her 2nd preg (DD1 was 2+ at that point) and was worried about jealousy issues w DD2 "stealing" Mama's boobies but it wasn't an issue.

    All that being said, La Leche League has a list of children's books that show or discuss breastfeeding here: http://www.llli.org/cbi/bfbookshort.htm

  • It probably won't be a big deal to your DD.....she just knew I was feeding DS and that was it.

    BUT I did run into some 'issues' with others and her reaction to bfing. She started feeding her baby dolls 'like mommy', and I know that made some people uncomfortable (ie my parents and one teacher at daycare).  They tried to get her to stop once, and she just said 'but I'm like mommy'.  After that they let it go, but be aware she will model what you are doing and that if there are those around you that aren't supportive of bfing THAT might be a bigger issue.

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  • I'm not that worried about it, it just bugs me that all the books on this topic just have bottles in them. She got some for her birthday and I was annoyed when it was always Daddy giving baby a bottle in the illustrations.
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