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Hampton Roads TTC Clomid Cycle 2, Cycle 1 Ectopic

Any women in Hampton Roads on Clomid trying to concieve? I was successful first try on Clomid Cycle one in March however it was a tubal...

I had to have surgery to have baby removed, it was rough but I am starting cycle two end of June and am so nervous to try again, scar tissue has been removed and doctor is hopeful but I am so nervous! Anyone have luck after ectopic or has encouragement? Huh?

Re: Hampton Roads TTC Clomid Cycle 2, Cycle 1 Ectopic

  • Hi, Mrs Poplin. I'm sorry to hear about your ectopic pregnancy. TTC can be a very rough & stressful yet exciting process. I am also from Hampton Roads and started my 2nd cycle of clomid a few weeks ago. I've never had an ectopic pregancy before. I know several people who have high risk pregnancies after fibroid removal and miscarriages, but were able to carry a healthy baby. All I can say is stay positive and keep trying. Have faith that nine months from mid June-- July that you'll be giving birth to a healthy, beautiful baby.
    Me: 27 Dh: 31 Anniversay: 10/23 TTC dx with pcos in 2001 & 3/2010 1st Clomid cycle on cd3-7, 4/19-23, 50mg 4/27 u/s:13mm on left & right Ovidrel 5/30/2010 Clomid cd 5-11 5th Iui: 11/26 BFP: 12/14 D&C: 1/19 2 more IUIs: BFN 1st IVF cycle BCP: 7/2/12-7/30/12 Lupron: 8/1 Follistim: 150iu 8/2-8/6 Trying to Conceive Ticker
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