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How sad is it...

How sad is it that I can honestly say that I have no idea what a contraction feels like even after having a baby?

I was induced at 40 weeks.  They started pit and broke my water.  The pain came on quickly and I had what seemed like one solid contraction for over two hours with no relief.  I finally got my epi and had to have an emergency section very quikcly after that.

I'm sitting here reading some of your posts about contractions and it's like I'm a first time mom and couldn't even come close to answering some of your questions surrounding this topic.



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Re: How sad is it...

  • Thats how my mom is! She had both me and my brother by the doctors somehow inducing her....

    When I tried asking her some questions to get a feel for what I might be in for (if labor had anything to do with how your mother's labor went...) she couldn't answer me cause she simply didn't know!

    It's okay though, even though I still feel kind of lost and don't really know what to expect... I'm kind of anxious to figure out this whole mysterious labor thing for myself!

  • Same boat here. Never felt a BH or contraction w DS. Water broke @ 37 wk and even after 16 hours of induction meds didn't feel a thing except a back ache, and ended up w a CS

    Now I'm at 40 wks w DD and still have no idea of how a BH or contraction feels. I'm keeping fingers crossed that it means I will have an easy labor....  

  • I had a long, drawn out induction with DS and got the epi immediately (judge me or not, but I slept through parts of labor!) so I really dont know, either!
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  • Heh, is it weird that I kind of don't remember?  I vaguely remember telling someone they felt like really strong period cramps, but the whole thing leading up to getting my epi is a blur.   As far as actually remembering the feeling, I'm in the "how do I know if it's real labor?" camp.
  • This is my 3rd and I don't remember at all!  DS1 was 10 years ago and DS2 was an emergency csection. 

    I was having a BH earlier today and was like how am I going to tell the difference if I go into labor on my own.  lol

    What did ya get bro?


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  • I hear ya. My water broke with ds at 34 weeks 5 days and they stopped my labor for a few days to get me to 35 weeks.  The contractions weren't strong enough at the time for me to really feel them.  When they induced me the contractions were so strong it also felt like one big contraction - I dont' care what they say, there was no break b/w them!  So I have no idea what it's going to feel like, or how long my labor would have actually been.  This feels like I'm having my first all over again.
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