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Travel system stroller and jogger both necessary?

I was only going to  get one until my sister highly recommended I should get both.  What are you doing?


Re: Travel system stroller and jogger both necessary?

  • Just the travel system.  If I were an avid runner, I would go for the jogger as well.  I'm not, so the travel system will work for us.
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  • We've only ever had one stroller.  It's definitely not a necessity to have both a jogger and other stroller, but that's not to say that it wouldn't be nice/fun......
  • I have both.  I bought the travel system after my shower. Then I got the jogger at my work shower.  I plan to use them both.  I'm not a runner but I do roller blade and I heard running/excersizing with a regular stroller is quite a pain,  You could probably go with just a jogger - but I think they are a little tougher to manuever around a mall/store or whatever.  I know I'll be getting plenty of use out of both of my strollers and couldn't be more excited about having them both.
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  • I'm only getting the travel system. I won't be jogging, and don't plan on needing a stroller off pavement, so I don't think we'll need one. 
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    I'm only getting the travel system. I won't be jogging, and don't plan on needing a stroller off pavement, so I don't think we'll need one. 

    And...if you do need it off pavement, it may be just fine anyway!   Our Graco Quattro Tour is excellent where we use it ..... our farm:)   So, it's pretty much only been on gravel, dirt roads, grass, etc.

  • if you want a jogger just get one that adapts to your infant car seat.  that's what we have because we love the jogging stroller.
  • baby trend has a jogger travel system so you get the best of both worlds. Walmart.com has one and it's around $200. It comes with the base, carseat and stroller...check it out and GL!
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  • We are just getting the travel system for now. She will be too young really to do what we would want the jogger type stroller for. However, next spring/late winter I plan on getting a BOB. I fell in love with them at REI the other day, they are just too pricey for us now. So I will get one for next season. I'm a big outdoorsy person. I love to go camping and hiking, ect. DH just wants one for jogging lol. I don't think it's a necessity. I just think they are nifty.
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  • I have a jogger travel system... LOl isn't here yet but I love staring at it.


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  • We're only getting the jogging stroller (BOB) with the infant car seat adapter.  We test drove it in the store and loved it, and the travel system that goes with our car seat we don't love (car seat from my sister, and we don't love their stroller).  I figure worst case, if we change our minds once LO is here, we can go buy the other stroller. =)
  • lisa512lisa512
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    I would think you would use the travel system for when LO is still tiny.  They can't go into the jogger until they can hold their heads up.  check on the one you want, they may suggest waiting until LO is at least 6 mos.  Also, it seems like you can find tons of jogging strollers second hand, so that could be another option. 
  • I recommend only getting 1 to start out. I'm not a jogger nor do I live in a non-urban area so I just got a travel system. Ironically, though, the travel system is cumbersome to actually travel with once baby outgrows the infant seat so when we bought a 2nd stroller it was a reclining umbrella style that is light & compact to keep in the trunk or take on the plane when we travel.
  • I have a Snap n Go and an umbrella stroller (a Maclaren). If I were you I'd ditch the travel system- everyone I know who got one hated it and replaced it with a nicer stroller eventually. Travel systems are pretty bulky.


  • I definitely don't think you NEED both - but that being said, we went for it.  All my mommy friends recommended the Bob, so we bought that ourselves prior to our shower with a REI discount and ended up paying $319 for a Revolution.  We went ahead and got a Graco metrolite stroller and snugride too.  I figured it would be nice to leave the Graco with day care (we are doing an in home) and/or have a second one to leave in DH's car. 
  • RitaT22RitaT22
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    We have only the travel system. DH registered for the jogger, he has some strange notion that I will be running to lose weight. I say it's strange because I wasn't a runner before, I don't plan on starting after LO arrives Stick out tongue
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  • If you're planning to jog/run, true jogging strollers have fairly important safety features, like a safety strap and hand brakes. I say "true" because I saw a "jogging stroller" at Target that did not have these features. Jogging strollers also have the bigger air-filled wheels that are easier on you and LO. The drawback is that many of them just don't work as your only stroller... they don't fold small enough (or at all), they're huge for maneuvering around the mall (and some only have a stationary front wheel), it won't accept an infant seat, etc. I haven't seen one yet that would work as our only stroller. We're getting a stroller frame for now for the carseat, and plan to invest in a jogging stroller and a lightweight toddler stroller later when we can actually use them.

    We love our little guys!
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  • I got a jogging travel system from baby trend, came with jogging stroller, car seat and a base for the car. I also got a snap and go for when LO is a newborn.

    We got it at BRU

  • I had both with my first child.  I ended up selling my travel system on craigslist, b/c I never used it.  I love my BOB revolution stroller.  It is the stroller we use 90% of the time and have an umbrella stroller for other times.  It makes it so much easier.  I now have a double bob stroller too.  I can't say enough about them, they move well where ever you go.  It was worth the money.  I think it clapses smalled them my travel system, plus my husband and I are taller people and it makes it easier for us to push compared to the travel system.
  • We got both.  I plan to use the heck out of the travel system when LO is young.  Planning lost of outings.  Then when he can hold his head up by himself, we'll go jogging or speed walking with the BOB.  I can't wait.
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  • We got the snap-n-go stroller frame for our "travel system" since it's much smaller and way easier to actually travel with. And cheaper.

    We also registered for the BOB for our daily walks and any major excursions (zoo, etc.).  

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  • We are doing a BOB and a snap and go.  I see it as a good compromise.  The BOB is for out in our neighborhood.  The snap and go is for shopping and travel and keeping a sleeping baby asleep.


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