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Anyone Else's Pets Acting Weird?

Ever since I got pregnant my dog has started peeing in the house, even after we take him for a walk.  My friend said that animals can sense when you are pregnant and sometimes will change their behavior.  Thoughts, experiences, advice?
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Re: Anyone Else's Pets Acting Weird?

  • My cats have both been acting very out of character since the week I got my BFP.  The girl cat, who is usually a bit skittish, has taken to running from me/hiding from me constantly, and growling if I manage to pick her up.  The boy cat, on the other hand, has become extra snuggly - I can just barely manage to keep him out of my lap... and he sleeps at night with his head rested on my lower stomach.

    Animals can definitely sense the hormonal changes we're going through right now.  My vet actually warned me about it last fall when he overheard DH & I saying something about TTC.  He also said that the animal behavior should level out as it adjusts to the new hormone levels, etc. 

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  • Both of our female cats have been way beyond clingy....one literally follows me from room to room....at least one of them is trying to sleep on my all the time....I heart by fur babies...but really enough is enough.....maybe they are afraid I will be less available in the near future.....I would check with your vet about options for your dog....for cats they make feliway which is like a calming glade plug in for kitties...it's supposed to soothe nervous kitties....they may have something similar for dogs.....



  • We have two weims who WERE super high energy and they have calmed down the last few months. As my belly has gotten bigger, the oldest one likes to lay her head on it and will sometimes lick my shirt (I didn't spill anything either!)
  • My furbabies always followed me room to room anyway but now they are even more clingy.  The newer one in particular who is my little good luck charm (we conceived right around the time he adopted us) and they have to be right with me.  Right now I'm trying to nap and the two dogies are laying behind me guarding me.  The only bad part of the super-clingyiness is that the newer one is also the slightly heavier one and he likes to get RIGHT in my face to tell me to love on him.  In doing so he steps on my very sensitive and sore boobs, but I still love him.  Other than the boob stepping I like the new behavior.
  • July, we have the same problem as you.  It started when I got my BFP, and has continued since.  It's a bit better, but it's still going on.  We asked the vet about it, and she said it's not unheard of.  She said all we can do is work with her.  The hard part is catching her as it happens.  Typically, we find it after the fact, which does no good because then it doesn't mean anything.  If we do catch it right as it's happened, we do the typical "No. Bad," and one of us will take her out. Good luck.  If you hear any other good ideas, please PM me and let me know!
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  • My cats behavior has changed as well. My DH female cat, which is usually very protective of DH has now become very protective of me. She is constantly watching me and curling up with me. My male cat has also become more cuddly than usual. He's always been a lap cat, but now he's just ALWAYS there.
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    July, we have the same problem as you.  It started when I got my BFP, and has continued since.  It's a bit better, but it's still going on.  We asked the vet about it, and she said it's not unheard of.  She said all we can do is work with her.  The hard part is catching her as it happens.  Typically, we find it after the fact, which does no good because then it doesn't mean anything.  If we do catch it right as it's happened, we do the typical "No. Bad," and one of us will take her out. Good luck.  If you hear any other good ideas, please PM me and let me know!

    YES!!!  Last night I walked into the kitchen and nearly wiped out on a puddle (I caught myself on the table thank God).  It is so weird.  He has never peed in the house (unless it was raining outside).

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     The boy cat, on the other hand, has become extra snuggly - I can just barely manage to keep him out of my lap... and he sleeps at night with his head rested on my lower stomach.

    My 2 male cats (brothers) spent about a month fighting over this sleeping spot. It started about 4 days before my BFP and tapered off about 2 weeks ago. 

  • We have two dogs and a cat. The first few weeks they were all more clingy and seemed to really be following me EVERYWHERE and constantly putting their heads on my leg or next to me but now they seemed to have relaxed a little. I definitely think they know what's going on though and on days where my m/s is worse they seem to be able to tell I'm feeling bad and those days are a little more clingy.
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  • My cat, who's very dog-like, has been glued to my side since my BFP. She wants more attention than before and is constantly chattering, moreso than she did before.
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  • My Lab has definitely been more clingy and protective of me lately.  I definitely think he knows I am pregnant.
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  • yes --most definitely. We have 2 dogs and both have been way more needy than usual, and with my pregnancy hormones, i'm very impatient with them both.  i know i'm not acting the same either as before pregnancy, but the girls (our dogs) have been very naughty and needy lately.  they cause high stress for me these days for some reason, so they spend many nights in time out -- or away from me and i'll let my hubby deal with them. :)
  • my girl cat, who is usually SUPER B!TCH, has all of the sudden become a love bug. A TOTALLY different cat!  If I didn't know better, I'd think my husband had her replaced with a nicer clone...

  • Oh my this is too funny.  My dog now get mine and my husbands socks, drags them out of the hamper, and brings them around the house to snuggle with.  It's kinda cute, but then gross when I think about the fact that he chooses our stinky socks to snuggle with!
  • I worked for a vet for many years and as for the peeing you may want to see if your dog has a bladder infection, but I HAVE noticed my dogs acting different my "Mammas Boy" big black lab/g shep mix now wants extra attention and lays his head on my lower stomach :-) Guess he knows he is going to have a baby sister or brother
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  • We have two cats both male (our starter kids) and they both have been acting strange since about my 2nd trimester.  The oldest of the two follows me where ever I go and sleeps on my body pillow by my bump.  They both think that all the baby furniture is theirs.  However, they continue to take the stuff animals/socks/shoes and place them in the pack and play and the play yard.  It's like they know something is about to happen..... 
  • O-M-G I could KILL him!  I have a huge Rhodesian Ridgeback who has always been mama's little angel. Always around me, always the most well behaved...NOW, he won't even go into the grass. He walks around the yard via the garden and pees and poops in one spot.  He's peed in the house twice since we found out we're pregnant.  Both times in the last WEEK!! Help!  He's been to the vet and nothing is wrong.  Healthy as a horse!
  • I have two cats and the entire time I've been pregnant, their attitudes have changed. The male cat who is usually a momma's boy has become more clingy. He constantly lays with his head on my stomach and at night he will lay on the bed at my feet.

    The female cat, who usually has nothing to do with anyone else, has even become more affectionate. When I'm not home, she'll sit in my husband's lap all day when he is. It's almost as if her behavior is adapting to the way it 'should be' if there was a child in the house. Much more tolerant and more loving.

    When I first found out and had gotten a confirmation back at five weeks for about a month, they both slept on the bed. On top of me! And while that was awfully annoying and hot, it showed me they really do learn to adopt. The two never sit together, let alone lay together. She's a fiesty beast and he's afraid of her. ;) But when they realized I was pregnant, it didn't matter.

  • LOL, we got a kitten and a BFP the next day...so between the two, my other 2 cats are just pissed off at DH.  Both are still perfectly fine with me, but they just know it's his fault that we smell like that other kitty lol.
  • My pomeranian has been tinkling in the house for the past week and I have had no idea why!  She also shredded out bed sheets!
  • I have four fur kids and three of them have all changed behaviors! The eldest, an 19 year old Persian is beyond caring and just continues to nap all day and demand scratches. The younger cat has become a total snuggle bug. EVERY time I lay down and bed she hops right up and curls up on my belly and starts to purr. Its hysterical, as if she is trying to incubate the little one! Its always a good laugh with the baby kicks her and she hops off and stares at my belly accusingly.

     Of the dogs, the younger cockapoo (still a puppy really) adopted a little stuffed dog and carries it around everywhere. When she settles down, she'll plop it between her paws and groom it like its her own baby. She hasn't done that in a few months though.

    Our goldendoodle, a 2 year old male has become my 'superprotector' though. He was always a mamma's boy but now he has take it to a whole new level. He constantly checks on me, even going so far as to stick his head into the shower when I am in there to make sure I'm ok. When we go to the dog park, he dosent run around anymore. He just sits right next to me and 'guards' me. An over zealous Boxer who jumped up on me to say hello, ended up pinned to the ground with Chester's (my dog) jaws at his throat. Yikes! Good thing he released on my shout and the other owner was just applogetic that his dog pounced a 8 month pregnant lady!


  • My Queenie(beagle dachshund, terrior mix) Got even more clingy towards me then she was before, she follows me everywhere in the house i go and now even cries when i leave the house. I think it just differs with pets, Once i started putting my hand on my belly Queenie would come lay by me and she puts her head on my belly, now she does it all the time!

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  • My dog has always been really shy, never liked being around other people but if someone tried to get close to us he would just hide behind me. A couple of weeks after my BFP, he started growling and barking anytime anyone got close! He actually tried to bite our landlord when she tried to pet him and he's NEVER been an aggressive dog! But while he's gotten really protective, my cat hasn't changed a bit lol :)
  • Before I found out I was pregnant both of my dogs started acting wierd.  JC (a spaniel) would follow me around wherever I went and Rocky (min daschund) would not come near me!  As I got farther along Rocky started using the bathroom all over the house. He also started growling at me.  After the baby was born, the using the bathroom in the house got worse and he now growls at the baby and anything that the baby has touched (car seat, bouncy chair).  He has also gotten ahold of some of her clothes and ripped them up.  JC is perfectly fine with the baby.  He likes to stare at her and when she starts crying he barks along with her!
  • Yes! It's absolutely normal for pets to react to pregnancy and the new baby. You have to remember that before baby, they were likely the center of attention but now that you're planning for baby, tired and all of the things that go with it, pets inevitably get less attention than they once did. They are very much like children in that they need extra attention right now, reassurance. You may find that when baby comes, it gets a little worse again and perhaps he is even more over protective than usual. Just remember where it is coming from and that they too have fear of abandonment. It makes the lapse in potty training a little easier to take. Don't give up!
  • We've got a beagle mix and she started acting a little different in the beginning, but its only gotten worse as time has gone by. She started off being very clingy in the beginning. As I've progressed, she's become more and more protective...especially if DH isn't home. Being part beagle, she's got the beagle bay (and we have mostly hardwood floors!) so when she gets going, its VERY loud and VERY echo-y. Now, she'll come up to me, tail wagging and lick my belly until its got a shiny coat of dog slobber. She also began laying in the baby room when we started getting it ready. Now, most days I find her laying on the floor or under the crib. She's been around babies and children before and she's really good with them. I hope she continues her sweetness when she realizes the baby isn't leaving :-)
  • My dog has been extra needy and just started chewing again. I was worried that she would not want to hang out with me as much, but she's extra protective.
  • Both my mom (who lives all the way across the country) and my cat (who just turned 1 yr) knew I was PG before I did! My little kitty has always been a sucker for attention, but now it seems like she's gotten even more demanding than before, always crying like she wants something but she already has everything. Before I got PG, she would sleep on my legs. But when I was PG, before my BFP, she started sleeping on my tummy. She still tries to sleep on my tummy but it got too awkward for both of us...too heavy on me, and too weird for her when the baby kicks (her purring usually starts the kicking). She also purrs now if she's just next to me, I don't even have to look at her or touch her!

     I can think of two reasons that your dogs would pee all over in response to your PG: Good: they are overexcited, Bad: they are territorial and not ready to accept a new member in the pack. It's a good idea to check with your Vet on this if you haven't already to make sure that it's for good reasons and not bad. 

  • I think dogs can sense it!  We have a female malamute who has always been spoiled and babied by me to began with, but ever since getting pregnant she is even more clingy.  She cannot stand to be in a separate room from me, with the exception of being in the yard and I am in the house.  She is not so bad if DH is home, but she'll come find me often to check on me if I am in a separate room.  I was worried at first but she is just being a good "momma".  When we have little ones around (friends babies, as this is our first) she is very attentive but not intrusive.
  • My dog, who usually snuggles with my husband, won't leave my side.  She always followed me and was loving, but now she will ignore my husband and come to me!  She is constantly laying her head on my legs or stomach.  She isn't the only on acting differently though.  My mom's dogs won't stay off my lap, but are very careful when climbing on my lap (they usually just jump on your lap like a ton of bricks!) and they sit next to me a cry.  It is very strange! 
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