I am treating my baby for a yeast diaper rash right now. No symptoms of thrush yet - but I am reading mixed things. Do I treat myself as if I have a yeast infection on my nipples so we don't accidentally pass it back and forth between us? What is the best way to do that?

Re: Yeast??

  • When DS had a yeast diaper rash the pedi gave us ointment for him and never mentioned anything for me.  It cleared up in a few days and never returned. 
  • I had thrush with my son. You would know if you had it because your nipples get really red, swollen, extremely itchy, and very painful, and it doesn't take long for it to get to that point. Whether your baby has it in the mouth is a better indication than what's in the baby's diaper area. My son had the white patches in his mouth and they popped up really quickly as well. Unless you're extremely tolerant of yeast, I don't see how you would not have symptoms if your baby already has a rash. Nipple skin is sensitive too!

    The doctor prescribed a liquid antibiotic to give to my kid orally and told me to rub it into my nipples every time I gave him a dose. Dosage for him was one teaspoon, twice a day, I think. It's been 5 and a half years since, so I don't remember what it was called, sorry.

    I would say just ask your doctor if it's necessary for preventative treatment. I hope you don't have it, because it really is not fun.

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