3rd Trimester

AW: McBaby is here!! (PsIP)

Just wanted to give a quick update/birth story.

Began inducing with Mitocin (sp?) on Friday night, received Pitocin this morning, around 8/8:30 since I was 3.5 centimeters and about 70-80% effaced. They gave me Nubane for the contraction pain (since I couldn't receive my epidural quite yet) and I sat in a warm bath. Received my epidural at 10:30ish, they checked me and I was fully effaced, fully dilated and LO was at a station +3. They stopped the Pitocin, which caused my contractions to stop. I pushed once at 11 AM, and then they re-started the Pitocin to get my contractions going again. I didn't push til 11:45 then stopped after one push since I didn't have anymore contractions. I began pushing again sometime after 12 and LO was born at 1:00 PM today. I did tear. It was a little bit of everywhere so I have one long stitch, but my OB did a great job at numbing me and made sure I had anything I would need to stay comfortable.

Paige Morgan weighed in at 6 pounds and 14 ounces, 21" long. The sonographer said yesterday that she'd weigh about 8 pound and 10 ounces, give or take a pound!!! She's got a decent amount of hair on her head and I think she has all her daddy's features :) I never imagine loving anyone as much as I love DH, but my heart definitely grew to accompany her.




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