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my daughter just had her 2 month checkup yesterday and she got her shots. how many shots did your babies get at that age? i feel like it was a lot and i should have stopped it to space it out and im feeling really guilty. 

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  • I felt the same way. We decided to spread them out as much as possible from now on. We had 1 shot at 1 month and then 4 shots at 2 months + one oral.
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  • yeah thats what they gave not opposed to her getting the vaccines...i just think that was a little much for a tiny baby at one time. :-(
  • You have the right to refuse.  I'm a nurse, I feel that's waaaayyy too many at one time, so I space them out. I only allow two at the most at one time. Then I'll go back in a couple of weeks and finish the series. Most of the time the docs are fine with this, just make sure to get the rest.
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  • call your insuranc company before you space them out just to make sure they'll cover her shots if they aren't all done in one visit. I didn't spread them out, but I know people who did and insurance gave them a hard time because they are supposed to be done during 1 well visit- I believe the exception was the flu shot at 6 months.


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  • Oh ok, I didn't think about this. We have a "Shots for Tots" bus in our state. I use them so I don't have to pay the 30% insurance doesn't cover. They give free shots.
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  • At his 2 month, he got 4 shots and one oral.  It did feel like a lot and he was a wreck for a day and a half.


  • Don't feel guilty.  You only feel guilty because people are under the mistaken impression that vaccines are bad, but the diseases they prevent are way worse.  My DD spit out her rotovirus vaccine and ended up with it at 8 months.  She lost a month of her life, the ability to sit up, roll over, and eat solid food had to be relearned.  It was a horrible experience.  I know another family that was adopting from Guatemala and the child they were adopting died of it.  Nothing to feel guilty about.  You are protecting your child.
  • Why exactly do you feel guilty?

    I totally DO NOT understand the guilt factor in vaccinating a child. I had four family members in the past die of Polio. If it was my grandmother that died (instead of several of her siblings) I wouldn't be here... I am sorry the pain of a one second needle stick is far better than losing your child to one of these diseases.

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  • It's always difficult to see our kiddos in pain or upset and sometimes it feels like just 1 shot is too much BUT the diseases those shots prevent are a lot worse than the shots themselves and the detriments lasts longer.  Try to breathe and relax. Sometimes the best things for your child doesn't always feel that way.
  • i have no objection to her getting the vaccines...its the amount at one time they gave her that upset me. my grandmother had the measles when she was pregnant with my father and he has a small hand and missing pec muscle because of it. so i know the benefits of having them. im just more curious if anyone is spacing them out more instead of them getting 5 at a time. 
  • There were 3 actual shots and an oral vaccine. I am fine with it.
  • we didn't space out the ones you are talking about but did change the timing of some & space out some others. The amount given a one time is a consideration to me & it has nothing to do with the number of pokes.  
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