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Poll: Your Funny Nickname for your LO

DH and I are HUGE Mad Men fans. In Season 2 one of the characters abandons his dog Chauncy on Madison Avenue. Well DH and I always thought Chauncy was a hilarious name, so we joked that we'd name the baby Chauncy. Even before we were KU. So now we always refer to the baby as "Chauncy" as in "Chauncy is making me all gassy" or "When Chauncy comes..."

Also - we saw this Oscar nominated Short about a musician who says "Chimay" instead of Abracadabra. So "Chimay" is our other code word for the baby.

We are not finding out the sex, so this kid will be "Chauncy" or "Chimay" til it pops out.

 Anyone else have a funny name? 


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