December 2010 Moms anyone elses DH F*%*#(g grumpy??

Ok. I'm pregnant and probably not as cheerful as I'd like, and I get that my husband is taking on a lot of extra stuff right now. But I seem to think that I'm being as nice as possible given that I feel sick and have a massive headache. He just got home from printing some important papers for me at a cafe since we don't own a printer, and he comes in and I remind him to lock the door, then ask where the papers are and he said 'I told you I brought them home, they're on the counter because you made me turn around and lock the door. If you want them you know where they are'

I asked him why he's being so rude and grumpy and he said he doesn't feel like he is and if I think he is then 'maybe you should stop talking to me'. 

WHAT THE F*ck!? Where the hell did that come from?? He's been like this for a few weeks now, sweet one moment then grumpy as hell the next. 

Aren't I supposed to be the one with moodswings??Anyone elses husband acting odd?

Re: anyone elses DH F*%*#(g grumpy??

  • ::just keep swimming, just keep swimming::

    Maybe he's just not having a good day? I know thats not an excuse to act like an a$$, but he's probably going through a lot too, trying to adjust to the thought of becoming a father soon. I hope he apologizes soon and makes it up to you with a big bowl of ice cream (or whatever you are craving)


  • Mine!  I was out of town the last two nights working, he comes home, barely says hi.  He then goes outside to work on something, comes back in, sits down and plays video games.  I ask him what he'd like for dinner and I get, "I don't know, why don't you eat something and I'll make myself something."

    He was frustrated about something else but he was totally taking it out on me! Today was not a pleasant day for me either... I was bitchy, and everyone annoyed me at work.  I just wanted a nice hubby to come home to!

    So yes!  I know how you feel!! 

  • Maybe you should demand he tells you whats going on! If this is strange behavior for him,tell him and let him know that you don't like it... Don't do it in a demanding way either just ever so nicely & affectionately get it out of him..Or give him the silent treatment... I know my DH hates that. `
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  • My DH is grumpy as well.... here's my theory.  I stopped PMSing so he took over!  He gets super sensitive when I joke around and I usually have to snap him out of it, sometimes successfully, others not so much.  I think they go through a whole jealousy thing when we're pregnant b/c it's not all about them, they don't experience anything other then us getting bigger.  Who knows, but you're not alone!

  • Mine's been on the grumpy side too.  Of course, if I were a man who'd gone without sex as long as DH has recently, I'd probably not be little miss sunshine myself. ;)
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  • Oh ya, mine is like that. Thankfully most of the time we work different shifts so I don't see him until I come home. Maybe sometimes he feels left out? Like with being pregnant everything is about the mom?
  • Mine is acting like a neglected puppy. He wants affection ALL the time (but not just hugs and nice little kisses, it's like he wants to make out like teenagers constantly). We've been having sex 2-3 times/week, and he'll say "I don't want to do it if you're not really into it" but then mopes when I'm honest and say I'm just not feeling it right now. I finally told him he can't have it both ways - if he doesn't me to fake it, he can't complain when I tell him I'm not wanting it! lol

    He also doesn't have much work right now so he's been getting home before me most days and I miss my little 30 minutes of peace I usually have. It's hard teaching teenagers all day then going home to a husband that's acting like one!!

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  • Yep! My husband has been a PITA lately. My guess is that they are just as nervous and overwhelmed as we are, but they don't feel the day to day progress like we do. They probably feel a little "on the outside" you know? I mean, we can physically feel the changes each day... they have nothing but the excited/anxiousness. 

    Last night during dinner my husband stretched out his feet and bumped his feet into mine - he's ALWAYS doing that than scolds me for having my feet in HIS space. Kinda annoying, but I usually just ignore it. Last night I got irritated and said that maybe it wasn't me moving, maybe HE was the one moving, god forbid our toes touch, right?! Of course that didn't go over well.... :) All good now though, btw :)

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  • Mine gets all moody too...i get grumpy i admit it and some small things really can set me off now when they used to not bother me, but when i mention something he totally flips out! and starts yelling, but then like 5-10 minutes later he feels bad and apologizes and tried to make up for it.

    actually we just had an arguement and he flipped, now he feels bad and wants to take me out lol, but its whatever.  the guys are stressing too i think, but they should admit they are being all PMS'y and apologize i mean they arent the ones constipated sleepless, and exhausted and throwing up, and dont have to give up anything either 

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