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f/u to BC after Baby post

I just read through that post and a lot of you don't like the idea of hormones, but NO ONE mentioned the Paragard IUD.  It seriously was the best decision I ever made before we were TTC, and I definitely plan on getting one after this baby. (I also have a couple friends on Mirena that love that, too)

So, I was wondering, is there a reason some of you wouldn't consider it?  Using condoms all the time sounds kinda terrible to me, so I think the IUD is pretty fantastic. Smile


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Re: f/u to BC after Baby post

  • I was planning on starting BC right before we found out we were pregnant. Oops. Once we have the baby I'll probably get on Mirena or some thing of the sort. We even talked about getting DH snipped.


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  • I would be all for a suped up IUD. We have decided on an IUD for sure but haven't picked one specific one as of yet.
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  • I've seen two friends and one cousin get pg while having an IUD (the IUD "slipped/fell" out!).

    I trust myself and my body more w/ charting/temping and if DH doesn't want to use condoms during my fertile period he'll have to do something... not me :) 

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  • Darn, you ladies have me thinking now... Bc after baby hadn't even crossed my mind until reading these posts today!! I guess it's one more thing to research in the next few months! I'd like to not take bcp's again.
  • I was thinking about doing something like a IUD, but then I kept seeing things about women getting pregnancy with the IUD still in (mostly those on Mirena). Depending on baby placement versus where the IUD was, some could not have it removed and had to go the whole pregnancy with it still in.

     I don't know what we are going to do after the baby.

  • I am considering an IUD, but I would need Mirena because I have endo... We just aren't completely sure if we want to ttc #2 or if we want to adopt #2, and if we do want to ttc, how long we want to wait. We don't want a huge age gap- but I also don't know if we want 2u2... We have some thinking in the next 6 months... 
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  • I guess it depends on if/when you want more kids. I wish I had gotten the Paraguard when I was 20. It would've been perfect. I'm 31 now, and I imagine I'll be about 33 or 34 when I start trying for #2. It just doesn't seem worth it to go for the IUD.
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  • I've got a friend who got pregnant with an IUD.  I plan to just use condoms, since that's what we were doing before TTC anyway.  I refuse to go on the pill at all.
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  • i am trying to convince my DH to get snipped too, but for some reason he thinks it will take his 'manhood' men can be such babies lol.  i am doing the hormone replacement some is safe while breastfeeding.  i ws on the depo before and plan on taking it again til i can find a more permanent solution, or semi permanent.  


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