Anyone with Supplemental Nursing Systems Experience?

I have 10 day old twin girls who have issues nursing due to what I believe is the bottle of breastmilk I was told by doctors I needed to supplement with after each feeding. The lactation consultants recommended I start using a supplemental nursing system. Does anyone have experience with this?   

Re: Anyone with Supplemental Nursing Systems Experience?

  • I used a simple one made out of a syringe and tubing, and it really helped DD get the calories but still nurse - much better than the bottle.  You can order the Medela SNS from an LC or online.  Cindy453 on attachment parenting used one for a long time because she was BFing after a reduction - you could page her.  
    You can also syringe feed or finger feed (tube attached to finger) or cup feed.  Whenever you move to a bottle, you can use preemie nipples so the flow is very slow.  
    Good luck! 
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  • I used one part time for about a month. I credit it with preventing me from becoming an EPer. I knew I'd never BF as long as I wanted if I was only pumping. It was a lifesaver! If your LC suggested it, I'd highly recommend it.

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