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Eating schedule for 3 solid meals a day

Just wondering if you have recommendations or what others do. I feel like his food is all bunched up and I would like to go to 4 bottles a day, but this is what we are currently at:

5-6am-bottle(7 oz)

 8am-breakfast(oatmeal and fruit)

9:30 bottle(5-6 oz)

11:30 lunch(usually veggie and protein or another fruit)

1pm bottle(5-6 oz)

4:15-bottle(4 oz)

6 dinner(veggie and either protein or fruit)

8-bottle(7 oz)

 He takes a short nap before or after his 9:30 bottle so this time varies. He takes a 2 hour nap from 1:30 to 3:30 usually. What do you think? Any recommendations? what are you schedules) and what do you feed him at each meal??


Re: Eating schedule for 3 solid meals a day

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    Our schedule is similar, but I don't think I can offer you an tips bc you are currently getting better nap times than I am! DS only sleeps for 40-45 minutes.

    I feed him solids 3x a day, one hour after he has a bottle or nurses.


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  • My DS's schedule is a 6 oz w/rice cereal at 6am, bottle and 1 jar of fruit at 10am, bottle at 2pm, 1 jar dinner or veggie and 1 jar fruit and 4 oz bottle at 7 and night time bottle around 9 before we lay him down. He may have a small amount of juice and/or puff snack at some point but not daily. This is all approx. times but you get the idea of it :) My Dr. said 2-3 jars a day is plenty for DS but it seems like our friends baby's are eating more. DS is always satisfied after eating so I dont feel like I'm leaving him hungry. He's a chunky 7 month old!

  • 6oz bottle at 7ish

    30-45 min nap

    2oz fruit at 10ish

    6oz bottle at 1030ish

    30min-1hr nap

    6oz bottle when he wakes at 1130-12

    2oz veggie or fruit at 1-2ish

    6oz bottle at 3-4ish

    4oz veggie at 7:30

    6oz bottle at 8

    sttn until 7am

    and sometimes there is another 6oz bottle thrown in, depending on his appetite

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  • sounds like you have a pretty good schedule :) ours is similiar lo is 6 months

    our schedule:

    wake up 7:00

    7:30 5oz bottle

    9:00 2 tablespoons fruit, 1-2 cereal

    nap 10:30-12:00

    12:00-5 oz bottle

    1:00 2tbsp vege, 2 tbsp fruit

    nap 2:30-4:00

    4:00 5oz bottle

    5:30 2tbsp of vege, 2 tbsp cereal

    anywhere from 6:30- 7:00 another 5 oz bottle

    then bath and bed by 8

    the schedule varies a half hour here and there depending on how long she naps for that day and usually shell take an extra bottle in there somewhere or ill wake her up before i go to bed at 10 for another so i can make sure she gets her 24 oz a day, im trying to eliminate that feeding and feed her more formula at her other feedings but so far she doesnt wanna take anymore than 5 oz at a time. It doesnt really bother be much though because she sleeps through the night from 8 to 7 and is gaining weight and having enough wet/poopy diapers :)

  • Our Schedule usually happens like this:

    6-7am wake up and nurse

    8am- 2oz of fruit w/ 2 tbsp of cereal

    9-9:30-  nurse and then nap until 11

    11:00- 2 oz of vegetable

    1:00- nurse and then nap until 2

    3:00- nurse

    6:00- 2 oz fruit w/ 2 tbsp of cereal (if she's still hungry I have her 2 oz of veggie)

    7:30- nurse and then bed  

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