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Anyone on here a Melaleuca Member?

I am thinking about doing it, but is it like a pyramid thing or what the website is kind of vague????

Re: Anyone on here a Melaleuca Member?

  • My mom's friend, when I was very little, was into this.  My mom would buy stuff from her.  I remember the smell!  :)  She had this one pain reliever lotion that I'd use on my knees all the time (doctor said it was growing pains ... but I'm 25 and still get them!  LOL).  I think it's more like Avon than a pyramid thing ... though I don't totally know!
  • I used to LOVE Melaleuca products.

    As far as I remember, you have to order a certain amount of product monthly.  If you don't make an order, they send you stuff they think you might like and then charge you for that.

    Their skin system was pretty awesome.  So was their laundry detergent.  I think Nicole Miller cosmetics were a partner for a while.  


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  • Nicole Miller is still a partner.My Mom is doing this and We LOVE the products..It's not a pyramid it's more like a generational thing..
  • its not technically a pyramid but you have to spend a minimum each month. i have been totally turned off of it by a FB friend that keeps pressuring me to join. i wanted to order a few things but everytime i try she wants to come over to have a meeting. no thanks!
    ive heard their cleaning products are great  & I only use non-toxic, natural stuff so i was interested. but i dont need another monthly bill (especially for household products, when I can go to target and get them) & dont like the idea of a minimum.
  • I am not, but my SIL is... Yes, the products are great, but what everyone says about the minimum is true... so my SIL house is overflowing with products, I think it would be good if there were more than one household registered under the name so you weren't just ordering for yourself each month.

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