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My baby is 3 months, 3 weeks old. I have some questions about sleep. Do you put your baby down in their crib when they are drowsy but awake so they learn to self-soothe? What do you do when they wake up in the middle of the night for a feeding--do you put them down drowsy but awake still? What about nap times--how do you handle naps? My baby is a good sleeper overall, but he does not want to go in his crib for naps and he needs a lot of soothing and basically needs to be soothed to sleep for naps. What about others? What are your tricks? 

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  • We just started using the crib, but we put her down in it after the feeding/burping, she is usually drowsy but she is awake and we turn on her mobile. We listen with the monitor and she seems to fall asleep pretty quickly after we put her down.  She doesn't nap yet in the crib-usually if she falls asleep in her swing or on the floor after tummy time I just leave her there-I don't want to disturb her.   Does your baby nap well in other places? Why do does LO have to nap in their crib? I guess I am not to worried about napping places yet.  Just glad she sleeps well in her crib-plus she LOVEs her mobile!
  • DD started being able to put herself to sleep at 3 months.  Aside from the last 3 days(we had 4 month shots + teething issues), she will go to sleep on her own within 5-15 min. of putting her down.  I watch for her tired cues(yawning, rubbing her face, squinting), and put her in her crib with her mobile on.  She also has a stuffed animal lamb which I think she likes as a security thing - She'll look at it and "talk" to it and she always has a hand on it when she's sleeping.  Sometimes she fusses before going to sleep.  I'll leave her there unless she starts crying, then I'll pick her up.
  • DS is one of those Sears babies that needs to be "parented" to sleep, but we do have pretty solid nap and bedtime routines.  At bedtime (8:00PM) we do a bath, feeding then singing.  We usually put him down in his crib halfway though the song and he usually falls asleep in his crib while we finish singing.  Early in the night he occasionally needs us to go in to put his paci back in, but he usually sleeps soundly from  8:00PM - 2:00AM when he is fed, then wakes at 5:30 for another feeding and then wakes for the day around 7:00AM. He used to just eat and go right back down, but we are now dealing with the "4 month wakeful" thing, and some nights he winds up snuggling with me in the guest room after his first waking.

    For naps, DS usually naps roughly around 9:00AM, 12:00PM and  3:00PM.  He resist going down, but we usually are able to get him down after about 5-10 minutes of rocking (he will not go down awake for naps).  At this point his first nap is usually around 90 minutes, but for the later naps he wakes after 30-45 minutes and needs to be rocked back to sleep after which he will sleep for another 30 minutes or so.


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