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Should I be worried?

My DS will be 7 weeks tomorrow.  He has always slept a lot, but today has been out of control.  He woke for the day at 8:30AM and ate.  He fell right back asleep when he was done.  Around 1PM he was still sound asleep so I woke him to eat.  Again, he ate and within 20 minutes, he was sound asleep.  I had to wake him at 5PM to eat...and yep, you guessed it, right back to sleep.  It's now 8:15 and I'm getting ready to wake him to eat.  He typically wakes every 2-4 hours to eat, so this is just weird I've been having to wake him all day.  He doesn't feel feverish and when he is awake, he seems to eat normally.

Do you think this is cause for concern?  The little guy has literally been sleeping all day long!!!!

Re: Should I be worried?

  • I'd just take his temp and if it's normal just see how he is tomorrow. If he's the same way or you're concerned, call the pedi. Sometimes my LO sleeps so much I worry, then he doesn't sleep at all and I's a vicious cycle.

  • Asher still pretty much sleeps in between eating.  I don't really have to wake him up to eat...but maybe your LO is getting ready for a growth spurt? 
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  • I wouldn't worry too much.  If he does that for more than a few days I'd call the pedi but babies schedules will sometimes change temporarily as their body grows.  Yesterday my LO refused to sleep at all and today he pretty much slept all day.  Not sure what tomorrow will bring but I figure as long as he is eating and pooping regularly and not abnormally fussy then he is probably ok.  That is the case with most babies.
  • my little girl is 8 weeks tomorrow. she is back and forth. yesterday she didnt want to sleep for even an hour and today she slept a lot more. she slept 8 hours last night and i woke her up to eat and went back to sleep for 4 more hours! the whole time she was eating she was just staring at me and i swore if she could talk she would have asked why the hell i woke her up. 
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