s/o Did you wear the hospital gown?

After you delivered, did you wear the hospital gowns or did you wear your own clothes?

The first time I wore just the hospital gown since it seemed like someone was in there every 5 minutes poking at my belly, looking at my legs, the lactation nurse, etc. The second time, I wore my own.

Re: s/o Did you wear the hospital gown?

  • hospital gown.  I didn't want to ruin my own clothing due to bleeding profusely.  (TMI, i know)
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  • With P, yes - I wore their shizz. However, that was only b/cI was completely and utterly swollen from the c-section and eleventy billion gallons of of pitocin and saline that I was given in a 24 hour period and. It was ridic!

    With C, I was in my own clothes the next morning (again, after a c-section sans the elephantitis).

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  • I usually wore my hospital gown for the first day, then changed to loose fitting pajamas for the remaining time at the hospital.
  • With DS, I wore the gown.  I had a rough delivery and they were checking me often.   It hurt so much to move, I didn't even want to try to put anything else on.  Plus, I didn't want to ruin my clothes.  With DD, I felt a lot better, and put my own pajamas on for the last day.
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  • I wore the gown the first day but after that I wore sweats and a sweatshirt because we were going up and down to the NICU every few hours.
  • Gown with my own nursing tank under it.  With DS I threw on mat. yoga pants a lot, too, b/c I was going out to the nicu to see him all the time.  But still usually gowned over it or used the matching "robe" they provided.
  • I did and probably will again.
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  • I wore the gown.  I was really sore after c/s and was comfortable in the loose gown and didn't want to put on anything too constricting.  I also didn't want to ruin any of my clothes.
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  • Wore my own clothes both time and changed as soon as possible! For whatever reason, those gowns are not comfortable to me - they're always riding up or falling down. I just changed into yoga pants, nursing tank and my own robe.
  • with dd, I was out of it for a couple of days (preeclampsia, mag drip)... I was in the gown. 

    with ds, I had a better delivery and s/s of pree vanished with delivery...  I wore a glamourmom tank, old scrub pants and put my gown on backwards to walk the floor.  

  • I wore the hospital gown for the same reasons you mentioned and also because I didn't want to deal with the possibility of getting blood all over my clothes.  I changed into regular clothing on my final day when we were getting ready to go to our discharge class.  I'm not sure if I'll do the same next time or not.  I'll probably bring extra clothing just in case I decide that I want a bit more coverage or to feel a bit more normal.
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  • No. I'm petite and they are always too big, so I'm constantly adjusting them, falling off my shoulders, riding up my legs. I HATE nightgows because they get twisted and bunched up.

    Both times I bought a $12 pair of pj's at WalMart that I didn't care if they got ruined. They didn't get ruined either time, and then I had something to wear at home the first few weeks while still bleeding. I felt human in pj's. And I could be covered up without worrying about flashing myself to visitors.

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  • Gown until my first shower, then my own night gowns I had just for the hospital (I pulled them up under the covers so I'd bleed on their bed pad.)
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    hospital gown.  I didn't want to ruin my own clothing due to bleeding profusely.  (TMI, i know)
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  • No.  I wore loose boxer type shorts and a t-shirt.  Too many visitors.
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    The first time I was not even there 24 hours after my DD was born since she was at a different hospital and they knew I wanted out (NICU stay).  I stayed in the hospital gown (nursing one) since I was pumping and they were checking on me and all that jazz.  With #2, I was there for 4 nights (c-section) and wore the hospital nursing gowns but brought my own robe from home.  I learned after the 1st one that all the crap people suggest you bring is really a waste so I had next to nothing with me and didn't miss a thing!
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  • I kept it on for that first night.  Then, when I took a shower the next morning, I changed into my own clothes.
  • home birth, but I think I would've wanted to be in my own clothes as much as possible either way.  I loved my black stretchy yoga pants and maternity tshirts for those first few days postpartum.  Oh, and nursing tank tops. 
  • Gown. I was in the hospital for less than 36 hours with each of my two youngest. I didn't really see any point in changing.

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