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three hours, call again?

Called doctor about my spotting three hours ago and nothing back from them....as it's getting close to the end of the business day should I call back? Should I go to get my hcg levels checked at a walk-in? Wish I could sit back and relax but just can't

Re: three hours, call again?

  • Are you still spotting?  If so, I'd definitely call again.  If it stopped, I might wait it out.  Some spotting can be normal, but I know you've had a loss, so if anything would make you feel better, I'd do it.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that everything is fine.

  • I would call back if they are closing soon and explain that you did not hear back from anyone. Hang in there!!
  • I would call back and just mention when you called before and say you were wondering if there was any word from the OB since the work day is almost over.  I've been in similar situations and every time I call they seem fine with telling me what's going on.  Sometimes things get hectic and they lose track of what's going on, so a polite reminder doesn't help IMO. 
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  • If you are very concerned, then yes, call again.  I'd call between 4:00 and 4:15.  I know at my dr office, they say that any calls received after 4:15 won't be returned until the next day. 

    When I had to call, at around 6 weeks, I don't think they got back to me until around 5:00 or 5:15--I had just about given up about a call back. 

    But it really depends on whether you trust your OB office to call you back today--did they say they'd call back today?  If you're not sure, I'd call back.  I'd be sure polite and apologize for calling again and just explain that I'm super stressed and just wanted reassurance that they will get back with me today. 

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  • If it makes you feel better to call, then yes, I would call back. I think it took about that long for my Dr to call me back when I had spotting though. If you can, prop your feet up on a bunch of pillows or the head board of your bed. The main thing to do is get the blood circulating away from your pelvic area and back to your heart. So propping your feet and pelvis up really helps that. Grab a good book or a laptop with movies if needed (that's what I had to do). If it makes you feel better, write down and keep track of how you're feeling and how much, light/med/heavy type spotting you think you're having (I did this too and helped me calm down). Praying for you!!!
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    yup i'd call. that's plenty of time.  just tell them nobody has gotten back to you yet.
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  • Thanks everyone, it really helps to have you all to vent to....nurse called me back, she thinks they will see me tomorrow for an ultrasound, she's just going to talk to the doctor to make sure she doesn't want me to go to the ER tonight.......uuuggghhhh stressful
  • Why would they suggest you go to the ER?  You'd just probably sit there for hours and hours, no?

    See if they'll let you stay at home tonight and go to the office first thing if it's necessary. Try to stay in bed and relax.

  • Only ER if heavy bleeding but you're right, if it's just spotting I definitely don't want to sit in a ER for hours....best just to go tomorrow, thanks
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